Rann Of Kutch

Rann of kutch is a very famous place near Bhuj (a small city in the Gujrat). This place rise to the world stage due to the efforts of none other than Mr Amitabh Bachan. I have been to several places but Gujrat was still afar. I wanted to change this & thus Rann of Kutch came into the mind.Rann of kutch is famous for white salt which spreads to limitless distance. If one can imagine the view it is literary irresistible not to visit this awesome place. So, we (me along with my friends) decided to visit the place & witness the charm of this place. This post will cover few aspects of Rann of Kutch.

How To Reach

There are many modes to reach kutch. The most favored one is by reaching Bhuj & arranging transport from there. Bhuj to kutch is some 80 odd Kms. Thus, reaching Bhuj first makes sense. Following are the ways which can be used to reach Bhuj.

Flights: Bhuj has an airport, thus flights are available to this part. However, the density of the flights are very low. Flights only run few times a week. So, finding a right flight is a challenge. The best would be to book flights well in advance. The season starts from Oct & last till Feb end. There is one more way to get to Bhuj that is via Ahmedabad. If Bhuj flights are not accessible, it is better to search for Ahmedabad & then either take a train or book a cab (zoom car is an option) to Bhuj. One can find flight from following links.


Trains are the most popular way to reach Bhuj. There are many trains available to this destination. The best way to book a train to Bhuj is through irctc. It is a govt affiliated platform for booking a trains all across India.

Road Trip:

Gujrat has some of the best roads to ride on. Of all the roads I traveled on, Gujrat by far has a great roads. So, if one has a knack of road trips. This could prove to be a great experience. We also did the same. Our journey started from Mumbai & reached Kutch via road next evening. It took us roughly 20 hours to reach our destination.

Things to Do:

White Desert: White desert is the prime attraction in Kutch. Each year hundreds of people come to this part of the India to witness some of the best scenes of the world. The limitless landscape is bliss to the eyes. One can visit the place during certain months of the year only (preferable time is Oct to Feb). But, the place glitters during the full moon. So, if time & schedule permits do visit the place during full moon.
Rann Utsav: Rann utsav is mini fair supported & promoted by Gujrat Tourism. This is more of a cultural event to showcase the lifestyle, the culture, the tradition etc to the world. Lots of local people promote their art through this festival. Rann utsav has a provision for staying as well. Beautifully crafted mud houses are worth a stay. One can stay for few days here to enjoy the hospitality of the kutch people.
Bhuj: Bhuj is the nearest cities. Usually, the cost of staying near kutch is pretty costly. Thus, people often stay at Bhuj & visit kutch for the utsav & white desert. Bhuj has certain points of attraction which can be covered in a day or two.
Mandvi: Mandvi is some 60 or 70 odd minutes from Bhuj. This place is famous for its beach. The calm beach & clear water is good for one day tour. The best would be to stay there overnight & experience the calmness in the nature.
Roads Mark My Adventure
White Desert Mark My Adventure

Cost Involved:

The cost can vary alot for kutch. As there are hundreds of option from the most luxurious ones to the low range. Depending on the one's requirement the budget can be managed. Below is the typical expenses involved during the travel.
Accommodation: The accommodation varies from hotel to hotel. There are plenty of options available to choose from. But, consider an average price of INR 1500 to 2000 for a room in Bhuj. One can find the places by clicking on the below link.
Food: The food is decent in Kutch. I would say it is in between somewhere great & good. The prices are not too high. Eating in Kutch won't cost a fortune to the pocket. Gujrat is a dry state so finding an alcohol is a tough job. But, there is one silver lining if a person is traveling from different state then there is a provision of getting limited alcohol from govt authorised centres. Consider an average cost of Rs 600 to 800 for two person.
Site Seeing: Permit requried to enter white desert which is very handful. The tickets are of Rs 100 per head & Rs 50 for a vehicle.
Wild In The West Mark My Adventure
Sun Set Rann Of Kutch
This is brief account of my travels. I will write more post on the same.
I have clicked the photos through my iphone. These are all unaltered photos.

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