Why Choose Youth Hostel As Your Next Stay

Traveling solo requires courage, energy & lots of planning. During an extended trip, it is quite evident that people may feel lonely sometimes. In a foreign land, where everything like food, environment, language, culture, social activities, etc are unique to your experience, it is easy to get dejected at some point in time. There should be someplace that can help you overcome all the surprises, the uniqueness of visiting a new place has superseded these shortcomings to an extent. Yet, there is something else that one can do. Staying in youth hostels is one thing that can help you overcome all these factors. In this post, I will list down many benefits of staying in hostels that will encourage you to try this at least one time. A place to cherish uncertainty, excitement & some wild stays. Staying in a hostel will become one of the memories of your trip. I will cover topics like the advantage of staying in youth hostels, why youth hostels should be in your list & my experiences of staying in different hostels in different countries. Traveling is one such activity that enhances the mood substantially & makes a person happy & staying in youth hostels will certainly add on to this amazement.

Benefits Of Staying In Youth Hostels: 

*) Affordable:

There is no comparison of prices offered by youth hostels, usually, the bunk beds are chosen by backpackers hence keeping it affordable is the sanest thing to do. The price of a bunk bed can be as low as Rs 200 per night in some of the hostels. The number of beds varies from 4 to 16, because of which the rates are very affordable. Staying in a youth hostel will be very cost-friendly. Also, there are many options to choose from so availability will never be an issue.

*) Culturally Enriching:

Hindu Culture
Many backpackers from all over the world stay in hostels. So, far I have enjoyed the company of a wide range of people ranging from South American, Britons, Japanese, South Koreans, etc. This is one of the best points of staying in hostels one can talk to people from different cultures & backgrounds. It is very refreshing & amazing to learn about different cultures & places.

*) Local Insights: 

Youth hostels hire people from the local places, this means they are very well versed with the local culture, environment & can suggest you some of the hidden gems about the city. This is not only about the local touristic site but also the safety measure. While my stay in Vietnam, the hostel receptionist helped me with a few safety measures that helped me a lot during my stay. Staying in a hostel can allow you to find all these unattended questions.

*) Next Adventure: 

Every hostel has a billboard, a place where people put their requirements. While on the roads, the only certain thing is uncertainty. If due to some reason or miscalculation, one is uncertain about the next place. This billboard can come to your rescue. Many backpackers hire cars or bikes or are looking for some partners. If you are lucky, you can find someone with similar interests & decide accordingly. Trying new stuff has never hurt anyone in this life.

Next Adventure (Why Choose Youth Hostels As Your Next Stay)

*) Never Be Alone:

The place is always throbbing with people from different backgrounds & cultures. Staying in a room, you will often meet them during breakfast or dinner. Yet, this will not be any problem. The people are generally very friendly as they are travelers & explores & have seen cities. There is a high chance that you will find someone like-minded & can share a long-lasting friendship with.

*) Wild Parties: 

As the name suggests youth hostel is for youths & youth from the European countries are truly wild. They believe in enjoying their time with full energy. They drink like anything & they party like anything. Hostel parties are fun & exciting, they play games, listen to music, drink, dance & enjoy the time. For enjoying parties, one needs to visit the place when the tourist season is on. As during that time the place is truly lit. It is always recommended to enjoy such places while you can.

*) Best Trip Organisers: 

Every youth hostels have short tour providers that will take care of your needs. They will pick & drop service from the hostel will save you hassle big time. The tour services are not only easy to book but are pretty affordable as well. One can find all the famous & some new tours that will help you in exploring the place. Also, they can help you arrange rented motorbike, cars, cabs, etc. With the help of hostels, I was able to tour Cu Chi Tunnels, Sand dunes, Chapman’s peak & whatnot.

Why You Should Choose Youth Hostels?

Many people are not fond of the uneasiness of sharing a room with complete strangers. Some people crave for privacy, personal hygiene, etc & it will not be completely wrong if one will find it difficult to find all these things in a hostel room. So, people who are not comfortable with staying with strangers shall avoid booking a hostel bed. Further, in dorm rooms, sharing washrooms is one of the other aspects that will be a downtick for many travelers. Washroom hygiene is one uncontrollable aspect, as it is entirely dependent on the people visiting the place. Although, hostel personals take care of hygiene to the best of their abilities. Yet, it is not easy to maintain the same all the time. Many travelers don’t like to compromise on their hygiene & staying in a hostel for them may be a tough task for sure.

The youth hostel will tick most of the remaining points. It is one of the most pleasurable experiences that you can ever feel. There is a rawness, uniqueness & new avenues that is unprecedented in the usual hotel stay. The energy of the group & constant collaboration with the new travelers will keep your energy high. While traveling solo there will be a time when one will feel lonely. During those times, staying in youth hostels can change the mood in seconds, one can have a conversation with other solo travelers or can join group tours to cure their loneliness.

Because of the many great points, choosing youth hostels over a regular hotel is one of the best decisions one will ever make. It is hard to ignore such an energetic, unique environment. So, any solo traveler who is yet to experience such an environment shall surely try it once & experience it yourself.

My Experience of Staying In Youth Hostels:

So far, I have been to places in Aisa, Africa & the European Union. All the youth hostels some of the stays were truly eventful. One time I stayed in a hostel based on the theme of How I Met Your Mother. Another one was just across the ocean, one youth hostel is located in one of the most active streets of the city. In Barcelona, I stayed in a hostel in La Ramblas Street which is considered as a haven for the backpackers. I usually choose a hostel based on its location & price. The hostels in the best location will charge a hefty amount. Still, the price won’t be that high that it will pinch your pockets. I enjoy staying in youth hostels, it is a very energetic place to stay in. Of all the time I stayed in hostels, there are only good memories. Along with the dorm rooms, youth hostels also have a private room.

From Where To Book Best Youth Hostels:


Booking.com is one of the oldest sites to book accommodation. The listings on the booking.com are good & with basic filters in the place. This site is perfect for booking your next stay. The site is easy to use & if booking any accommodation in Europe. This should be your go-to site for sure.


The Hostelworld has probably the largest collection of hostels in a wide range of countries. It doesn’t charge any booking fee. Thus, you might well save some bucks over there. It is popular in Europe & the US. There is also an option of comparing hostels which is an added advantage considering your requirements. So, this can also be a great place to book some hostels.


Hotels.com is one of the latest sites that have cropped up in this busy industry. Hotels.com has a wide range of hotels to choose from. This site is famous for hostels & if you can even check hotels.com recommendation to book the best of the best. Further, throughout the year, one can find discounts & special offers. Thus, it is best to check this option.

To know more about the best places to book hotels, you can refer to this link. A memorable trip is incomplete without a proper stay & these sites will give you the best options to choose from.