Lifetime Experiences

Life is full of experiences & there are many ups & downs. But, still few experiences leave a mark on life. Such experiences are very rare & very memorable. These are such experiences which one remember while sitting alone & thinking about the life. Everybody has their favorites. Some related to life, some with people, some with a job or any other reason. But, as this is a travel blog. I would like to share some of my lifetime experiences related to travel thus far. I have just started my travel life & I hope there are many more experiences I will have. The instances are in chronological order from the date of occurrence.


This is probably the first trip I had with my friends. First time without any senior guidance there were nerves & fear of an unknown place. The trip went all good, but the fun we had during the trip was just epic. The place is nice & still not commercial. I have seen some of the best waterfalls in Pachmarhi.

Mount Hua:

Most of the people are not aware of this mountain. But, there is a very particular thing about this mountain & that is plank route. A wide plank where only one of your feet can be kept & below the plank is nothing seriously nothing. One has to cross the route which is approx 20 to 25 Mts only. But, rather than walking on that plank, one has to walk through his or her fear. The fear of not looking below & fear of being cold feet at such a great height. It sounds scary & it is scary. But, this is one of those experiences which is engraved on my life forever. Check the post here.

Partying in Khao San Road:

Imagine a street hardly 100 Mts long which is being occupied by only a few people till 9 o clock & you say to yourself, this place is so dead. Then you went back to your hostel & came back by 11:30 pm & the place is completely transformed. There is music playing on both the corners of the road. The crowd is hopping from one place to other. There are plenty of offers on food & drinks. The crowd slowly getting wild, everyone is on the streets & dancing like crazy. The environment is just electric. Khao San Road is one of the most popular names one can ever come across. Whomsoever is traveling to Bangkok surely must have visited the place.

Riding Bike In Bali:

Bali has supreme landscape & riding bike on those curvy roads are one of the fun things to do in Bali. The lush green & magnetic sceneries are just amazing. Riding between the hills, mountains & villages will give enough diversity during a tour. If tired of riding bike stop on the side of roads & take few minutes to enjoy the wonderful beauty handed on a platter by nature. Too good to be missed.

Bungee Jumping In Spain:

Bungee jumping is one of the sport which raises the adrenaline. I was in Barcelona where I saw a tag of Jump from the highest point in Spain & once this is stuck in the mind, then it can’t be kept silent till the time it has been done. I booked the activity through Adrenaline Hunters & went to the place. There I saw a truss standing over the ground which eventually was a bungee jumping site & without wasting much time I boarded the lift & started ascending to the top. The trick to the jump is JUST JUMP. No thinking no nothing just the jump. I did the same, without looking down, I just jumped. The heart runs at a supersonic speed, everything passes in seconds. There is fear & there is thudding of heart. But, the moment you come down & think about what have you just done. It is an accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if the whole jump took 10 min at max. But, the memories of these forever engrave in the life.

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These are some of the best moments of my life so far. I could have written more, but I will wait for some more time before posting. Every now & then people come across difficult roads. The choice of doing or not doing or traveling to a particular place or not traveling. There is always so much going on. But, during such time just fast forward your life to the end & think if doing this was worth while or not & then play accordingly.

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Is Bangkok Safe To Travel Solo

Bangkok attracts thousands of crowds every year & each year the number of tourists visiting this country is growing. But, a question arises in everyone’s mind.

Is Bangkok Safe For Solo Travelers?

Safety is a foremost issue which needs to be catered while traveling. It becomes much more important if traveling solo. Solo traveling has its own drawbacks & one of them is being self-dependant all the time. Late night strolls, partying at pubs & traveling to unknown locations certainly becomes unrealistic.

Like everyone, I too had a doubt of traveling solo. My first solo trip to China was a happy affair & I had the same feeling while traveling to Bangkok.

So, what can be done to ensure solo traveling is safe?

Foremost thing one can do is to read about the places beforehand. Always read about the place before going, it not only boosts confidence but also familiarizes you with the place. I read about Bangkok through various blogs & never crossed any negative reviews about the same. Most of the travelers shared their happy stories. After reading positive reviews I had a no doubt in my mind about the place.

One important part is to wear a smile while talking to people. It has a positive impact on the peoples. A smiling face is welcomed in a much warmer way. So, never forget to smile. Also, always appreciate the efforts of others by saying “Thank You” for their services.

My trip to Bangkok & Pattaya was a very safe & overwhelming experience. Bangkok is a very friendly city & people are generally very helpful to every extent possible. It was very overwhelming to see the warmness with which they greet the travelers. During my stay, I was helped by roadside shop owners, bus conductors & locals.

Bangkok doesn’t have anything alarming about it. But, keeping yourself safe & sound is necessary even in the safest of the places. There were few observations from my side which I encountered during my travel.

Careful on TukTuk Drive: TukTuk Drive is a very lucrative mode of transportation. A vehicle which can accommodate 4 to 5 people with ease just attracts you towards it. But, before boarding; make sure you ask for the rates. Clear everything before boarding, if you don’t want any last minute surprises. There are lots of Tuk Tuk Drivers who charged more than they should have. In my opinion, avoid riding TukTuk without knowing the price; no matter how short the distance is. I have heard stories of fellow travelers who were conned to pay extra by Tuk Tuk drivers because they did not check the prices before availing the ride.

The most famous activity of Bangkok is adult shows. But, it is also one of the suspicious ones. I got to know about this, through one hostel guy. The guys went to a show which was supposed to cost THB 250. But, they had to pay thousands of THB before leaving the premises that too without any major expenses. After hearing their story, I preferred to refrain from these sort of activities. Avoiding such activities could save fortunes of money for you. If you are too eager to one of such shows check with some local guys about the authenticity of the place & then go ahead. Better to be safe than sorry.

Traveling at the night was a safe affair for me. But, being careful is an important criterion to be on a safer side. I mainly used public transport & always cross checked with fellow commuters if I am going to the right destination. It is better to clarify things like destination, fares etc to avoid any last minute surprises. I was pretty high one night & took a cab from metro station to Khao San road.The cab driver dropped me safely to my destination & without charging anything extra. I was lucky during my trip, but it could have been different. Avoiding awkward situation becomes a necessity in a foreign land. So, always be aware of surroundings.

Always keep your valuable with you or at some safe location pickpocketing or losing something valuables is not a very healthy sign. However, this goes for each & every place.

I enjoyed the place like anything & would suggest everyone visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Being a backpacker in this city is bliss, the vibe is amazing, the places are amazing. Just keep few points in mind, other than that the place is rocking. In my previous post, I have written about things to do in Bangkok. So, if you are still having any doubts just shot that thought pack your bags & just experience the place.

PS: Some western travelers stays in Bangkok for 6 months on a stretch.

Traveling helps to gain a new perspective & to learn things which are not taught in any books. So, travel in your 20’s when you are physically fit & low on responsibilities.

“Traveling is a drug; I am addicted to ;)”

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How China Became My First Abroad Trip

It is Sept 15 & birthday is around the corner. Need to do something different this time around


Traveling for me is the big thing. So, I was itching to travel abroad for my birthday. I started browsing different places which can offer me an adventurous trip under my budget outside India. After surfing many websites I came across a list. A list of a most dangerous trek around the world; a particular trek in China attracted my attention. It was Mount Huashan. Mount Huashan is located in a small village Huashan near Xi’an.  The USP of this trek is that you get to cross a small patch of a mountain on a 0.5 Mt of plank which is 1000’s feets above ground.

YEAH !!! you heard it right if you fall, you are dead before reaching the bottom of it.


So, after deciding on the destination it’s was time to cater to more important issue MONEY. I am a working professional in Mumbai & saving money & traveling is not usual. But, my enthusiasm towards traveling led me to cut down unwanted expenses to fund my travel. I looked for the cheapest flight from India to China. “During my this searching stint I found out that TO & FRO flights cost cheaper than booking tickets for two separate cities.” The tickets cost me around Rs 27 K INR TO & FRO. “Deciding a budget before traveling is essential. It helps you to plan things more efficiently“. I decided for a budget of Rs 50K INR including everything. Some will consider this as a very small amount, as many will say you are going for the first time spend more leisurely. But, I have a different mindset. “I want to travel more within a budget. Also, I am against of spending too much on unwanted things“.

Ticket Booking:

I booked tickets from as it offered me an EMI option at that time. Thus, booked the ticket without giving it a second thought. Booking ticket became my first step towards my first solo trip outside India.

Traveling alone is often considered as Taboo in India. People see you with raised eyebrows if you say you are traveling solo. But, this didn’t stop me from doing it. Traveling solo is fun which I will cover in another post“.

Getting Visa:

Getting visa was the tricky part, China visa required me to show INR 1,60,000 in my account & with a meager salary, it is tough to show all those cash in the bank account. So, I asked everyone to transfer cash into my account so that I can reach that magical number & after all the permutation combination in my bank account I applied for a visa.

Thankfully, after a week of time, I got my visa which was a big relief & after all, pre-requisite done it was time to pack bags & explore the place.

China Visa Mark My Adventure

This is how I planned for my first trip solo outside India. Eagerness to climb plank route I decided to choose for an untraveled place. Mostly people travel to Shanghai, Beijing,  Hong kong but I choose Xian for a single adventure. “Very off the road indeed but the road less traveled made all the difference 😉


It took me around 3.5  hours from the base of the mountain to reach the south peak of Mount Hua. The moment I was about to cross plank route my pain of walking continuously on stairs for 3.5 Hours vanished. The site was a beauty, unending peaks of mountains can be seen through that point, the sun was about to set. With one long breath, I walked step by step & crossed the plank. The moment I reached at the end of the plank I  wished HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself. I stayed for about 20 mint’s to recall the journey. It was a worthy experience. It is worthy to stop & look what all you have achieved. Enjoy it for some time & then leave for another journey

China Mount Hua My Adventure


It seems to be like a dream now. But, traveling alone to a place where English is not understood by 95%  of peoples that too without any guide or any group or without any prior experience is one kind of experience.

Little risk towards unknown territories makes you feel alive in this life. I am glad I took that decision to travel to China. This was just the start I hope to travel more & more.