Mandvi Beach Gujrat

Mandvi beach is located some 60 Km from Bhuj. We visited Bhuj to visit Rann of Kutch. After spending a day in Kutch, we planned to move to a new base. A place where we can find a beach. A calm beach.It took us approx 1.5 hours to reach Mandvi beach from Bhuj.

The Journey:

Roads in Gujrat are really awesome. One will hardly find any glitches while driving. We started our journey from Mumbai to explore something new & exciting. Rann of kutch was a decent affair & after spending a day in Kutch we left for our next destination Mandvi Beach. There is nothing much to talk about in terms of the landscapes. As the only thing, we saw was a barren land. It didn't took us long to reach the beach. After riding for approx 90 min we were near the beach of Mandvi. Yeah, the most exciting part was to see people building ships. It was an unique experience for me at least. I think this will be for everyone who has seen Pirates of Carribean at least once. There is some bone in the body which wants to see the ship or sail in it & that view provided me with that itch.

First Impression:

The place was super crowded with people. But, this was only at a very short distance. People hate going far; maybe this is due to some psychological fear. The water was super clean & the air was fresh. This was my first impression of the beach of Mandvi. We had booked a hotel on the beach. I think it was the only beach shack available out in Mandvi. The hotel has a perfect sitting place & ocean view in the front. It was bit costly but the location was worth the cost.

Beach Experience:

Apart from few places. Whole of the beach was calm & quiet. One can see to infinite landscape & feel the peace in the city. The never ending ocean & hardly noisy people. There were remains of the windmills. But, the most fabulous part of the place was the calmness & the sea. The clear water & pleasant breeze was very relaxing. After spending few hours in evening; we called it off for the day. Without saying, the sun set was awesome. Different colors scattering from the sun was a nice experience. If one focus enough it is easy to see different shades of the orange transiting in the most peaceful way.

If one is looking for some water sports experience. There was an option for paragliding. Also, for the few fancy people who are looking for destination for pre wedding photo shoot. Mandvi Beach can be one option, though there is not much of variation. But, a picture with sun set is never a bad option to have.

Traveling is one of the rarest joy of life & when one can sit near the beach thinking about the life experiences, the joy of being alive becomes many folds. I hope people take time out of their busy life, sit near the beach & think about the experiences they had till now.
The Beach Mandvi
Sun Set Mandvi

The Night:

The beach became dead silence at the night, there was only sound of waves that was penetrating the ears. Other than this nothing. Pitch dark vision & sound of waves at distant is experience in itself. We sat on a shack during the night, played slow music & talked about various topics. A way to create nicest of memories.

I have always felt that the best way to create memories is actually by having great conversation. This is my personal opinion. By having a great conversation, the importance of the place remains intact.
Shack Mark My Adventure
The View Mark My Adventure
Next morning there were hundreds of birds enjoying the sunshine. But, we had to start journey back to home. After spending few days traveling to two new places. It was a sad realization that holidays are over. So, until next time I hit the road again. It's good bye to sea shore, my thoughts & to nature.

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