Devkund Waterfall

It's later part of June, which means monsoon have arrived in Mumbai & all the trekking points are open for exploration. I first read about Devkund waterfall in an article on some blog. The pics of the place were good enough to get me excited to try this unexplored place. On one weekend I decided to travel here. Devkund waterfall is approx 150 Kms from Mumbai & approx 100 Km from Pune. These are the two big cities near Devkund waterfall.
Devkund Waterfall
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How To Reach Devkund Waterfall:

I went to Devkund from Mumbai. The best way to reach Devkund from Mumbai is via following ways. Catch a local train to Khopoli(Khopoli is in the central line of the local tracks in Mumbai; there are plenty of trains running through out the day). The price to reach Khopoli is very minimum it will be hardly 100 Rs for to & fro ticket & it takes approx 2.5 hours to reach the place. From Khopoli, you will need to take a bus to Pali village, the frequency of the buses are decent so you will find the bus quickly. However, the tricky part is to reach Bhira Village (Base village for the trek) in time. As the frequency of the buses from Pali village to Bhira village is very low. I would suggest catching 10:30 Am bus from Pali to Bhira; this will save time & money.  If you missed that bus, then don't need to wait for the next bus. It would be better to catch shared auto & reach the place.  Bhira village is some 25 km from Pali village. So, the auto will charge a hefty sum (approx Rs 500 one way).

In short, following is the path:

Mumbai - Khopoli - Pali - Bhira

Pune - Khopoli- Pali - Bhira
A View Mark My Adventure
Mountains Enroute
Devkund Waterfall Mark My Adventure

Trek Experience:

The trek starting point is normal, the regular view a path torn out in the jungle. As soon as you will cross few 100 meters. There is a lake in the eyesight. The beautiful lake with a background view of misty mountains. The scene will give you a feeling of walking in real jurassic park. After walking on for approx 30 mins. There is a high pressure stream of water; which needs to be crossed. There is a small bridge over this fast flowing stream. But, a care taker charges Rs 10 to allow you cross. For people looking for some adventure, those people can cross stream without using bridge. However, make sure you have strong footholds.

After crossing stream, there is an uphill for approx 15 mins which is the most difficult part of the trek. After walking for 45 min one can hear the sound of waterfall. Before reaching waterfall there is one more stream which needs to be crossed. Make sure you have proper protection while crossing the stream. While reaching the waterfall, the sites are just breath taking, background scenes are just picture perfect. Keep an eye on your surroundings there are lots of points to click your next dp.

Make sure you carry water, there are several shops through out the trek, so no need to carry lots of stuff. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON'T LITTER. IT'S BAD TO SEE GARBAGE COVERING THE PATH AT THIS BEAUTIFUL SITE. Trekking during monsoon is bliss as well as boon. As there are many accidents due to slipping & all so make sure you are firm footed. Also, don't trek in slippers better to wear a shoe.

The trek is not a costly one, I spent approx 1200 Rs for my trip. This was because I missed few buses & had to take auto which shot the price up. However, if you plan better you can do the trek in under Rs 500 per head.

Expenses Involved:

Trekking is usually very affordable. Following is the basic expenses you can expect during the trip
Mumbai to Khopoli: Rs 50 (approx)
Khopoli to Pali village: Rs 60 one way Pali to Bhira vilage (auto): Rs 500 one way. For bus it will less than Rs 100 for sure.

Things To Carry:

The trek is low to mid level difficulty. Any fit human being who work out can complete the one way in approx 45 mins. Following items should be in your backpack to enjoy this trip in a more pleasant way.

  • Waterbottle
  • Raincoat
  • Waterproof camera
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Garbage carrying bag
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