Jomtien Beach
Streets Pattaya
Pattaya Beach
Pattaya is 2 hours from Bangkok . It is a small town located on shore. This place is famous for beaches & Walking street. The walking street is a grand version of Nana Plaza. I have to come to Pattaya as I needed to catch a flight from Pattaya to Jakarta. The flight from Pattaya was apparently cheaper (Rs 15 K) from anyother location.

I took a bus from Bangkok airport to Pattaya. Buses runs at regular intervals, but it is good to check the timings before to avoid waiting time. The cost of bus ticket is 130 THB. There are taxi services available as well but it costs more. Roads are good so no need to worry about mode of transport.

I stayed near Jomtien beach it is one of the best beach in Pattaya & peaceful as well. I only stayed for a day thus was only able to cover few places. Sunset was one of the best part of that place.

The walking street
Night life is awesome, one can find whole city taking the tour of the walking street. Peoples showcase their talents on street. The place lights up as the night gets dark. If you are family enter at your own risk This place is red light area of Pattaya. But, a nice place to spend an evening. Lots of bars, pubs, music & eating places. One of the interesting fact of that area was there were sections for every region like Russians had their section, Arab had theirs, Indians had theirs. This street is a great tourist spot but if you with family be extra carefull while roaming around.

This exotic place is a great way to enjoy few more days in this country. I stayed in the hostel for a day near Jomtien beach. The cost of hostel was 250 THB. It was a home stay, owner of a house was very sweet, she had two pets & fantastic place to stay. The place where I stayed was Happy Live.

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