Is Vietnam Worth Traveling To?

Many people often search for the worthiness of the place to avoid the disappointment while traveling to new locations. Because lots of planning goes behind planning a trip & no one wants to feel that they have wasted their money at an unworthy place. I traveled to Vietnam recently & thus I decided to write a post on So, Is Vietnam Worth Traveling To? based on my experiences. Some may find this useful some may not. But, I am sure this will help you to decide whats good for you.


Vietnam is still crawling to the modern world. All the cities are still having scars of the past which is very evident even now. Vietnam per capita is still growing & many people are still finding their strongholds. Buying a car is still tough & most of the people rely on the two-wheelers for daily commutation. Most cities in Vietnam has great infrastructures & good nightlife. Thus, with respect to city infrastructure, you won't be disappointed. There are enough activities that can be done & enough options to explore. Big cities like Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi are bustling with the crowd & two wheelers. Whereas much smaller cities in comparison to Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi are somewhat peaceful. Cities have its charm, roof top restaurants & bars are hugely famous among the crowds. But, the highlight of Vietnam lies not in the cities, but the places surrounding big cities.


Vietnam has a wonderful landscape & its beauty is unmatched. The lush green paddy fields & unending ocean is an image from the books. The cities like Hoi An & Mui Ne are one of the rare gems of the world & it is hard to ignore these masterpieces. Although the approx half the parameter of the surrounded by the ocean there are not enough worthy beaches. Worthy if you will compare it with the beaches of Bali & Phuket. At some points, it is difficult to find clean water to dive into. But, apart from this, the landscape is mostly fantastic & full of surprises. There are many natural wonders like world biggest cave, Ninh binh, Sapa & plenty more. Each corner in Vietnam has something exceptional to offer. So, don't hold yourself back.


Food is one of the high points of the country. You will not be disappointed with the food here, which in fact is a case throughout South East Asia. For a change, one can find great vegetarian food as well. Usually, it is tough to find vegetarian food but not in Vietnam. The choices of food are great & you can eat anything at a much cheaper price.


Cities are very safe. There are no red flags while traveling. However, there are few things one should keep in his or her mind. Things like theft & conning are very common in a more rural area. Like one time a motorbike taxi guy asked approx 100 times the actual fare. So, it is recommended to read about the place & safety instruction before going out.
So, is it worth traveling to Vietnam? If you will listen to me; a definite Yes!!!. Each country is unique & each country can put a long lasting impression on you. Traveling broadens your mind & Vietnam is one place which surely can. I would love to travel to Vietnam again, to cover the other half of the country. I only managed to cover Mid to South of Vietnam.

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