Gypsy Child Lake Hostel Udaipur Review

Ever imagined a greek styled place in the middle of the desert. Gypsy Child Lake Hostel in Udaipur is one such place. Although Udaipur is not a dessert by any mean, but it is located in one of the driest states in India. I stayed at this place, during my visit to Udaipur. Based on my experience, here is the review of Gypsy Child Lake Hostel, Udaipur.

As the name suggests, the hostel is for gypsies. The people who don't have a permanent address & roam for the most years of life & often tight on budget. This place is an affordable option for travelers. Located near the city palace & on the shore of the famous Pichola Lake makes a perfect location to enjoy some thoughtful time. Painted in white & blue this place surely stands out if compared to any other hostel or buildin
Gypsy Child Lake Hostel Mark My Adventure
Gypsy Entrance Mark My Adventure

My Experience:

This hostel has several rooms from private to dorms. The rooms are adequately sized & equipped with AC which is important during the summer. A 6-bed dorm room might be too small if every bunk bed is occupied. Also, the size of the washrooms is pretty small. So, it would be difficult to find some comfort.

The best part of the hostel is its terrace. A secluded place all to yourself is perfect to watch the sunset & to relax. Located next to Pichola Lake enhances the beauty of the terrace.

So, if I will have to vote. I will surely stay here for a couple of days. Just to get the feel of the place.

Why Choose This Place?


The hostel is located next to the city palace & to Lake Pichola which is center of the city. Most of the attractions like City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Ambrai Ghat are at a walking distance.Gypsy Child Lake Hostel is located at a very quiet place, which is a blissful experience for anyone who is looking for some peaceful time. Although, one disadvantage of this location is getting a rickshaw. However, the hostel can always arrange one for you which might cost a bit higher than the regular price.


The rooms are decently sized. However, the dorms room may be uncomfortable if every bunk is occupied. If you are staying alone in 6 Bed Dorm, nothing will beat that. The room interiors are newly constructed (this is 2018). So, the rooms are still very clean & beds & mattresses are comfortable & each bed has a power plug & study lamp.


As of now there is no proper kitchen. A help is available who serves breakfast & teas to the occupants. Usually, breakfast is included in the price of the hostel. There is no fridge or canteen to buy stuff. Hence, you will need to walk to nearby shops to get some eateries.


Many people will be relieved to learn that wifi is available at this place. The speed & connection is perfect. So, no issues in connecting with the world. So, any nomads traveling to Udaipur can opt this place to work in a calm environment with the best interiors.

Value For Money:

Dorms are usually cheaper if compared to hotels. Even this place is available at Rs 750 per night. The amenities & facilities this dorm offers justify the price. The hostel is functional since last one year, thus the overall condition of the place is still very good. For me it was a bit higher than my comfort zone. But, it is surely a place to stay once while you are in Udaipur.
If all these factors are enough to convince your next stay here. Don't wait anymore & click on below link to reserve your stay at the earliest.

PS: There were few people who came here for 1 or 2 days & left after staying for a week. This is enough to tell you how in demand is this place actually is.

Is This Place For You?

If you are looking for a place which is quite & offer a great view of Udaipur. This place is suited for you. But, anyone who is craving for some luxury in dorm room might feel little off footed. But, the interiors & the location is good enough to lure you into a one night stay.

This is how Mark My Adventure (i.e me)feels about Gypsy Child Lake Hostel Udaipur. If you like my work & want to review the place for you. Feel free to contact me at