First Impression Of Vietnam

Vietnam country has a dreadful past & only recently the country has opened up to tourism. Since the opening of gates. Many backpackers start their memorable trip of South East Asia from Vietnam. Covering Vietnam takes a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks depending on how one travels. But, the time mentioned is minimum as per my experience. So, what this vast country has to offer for the first-timers. Here is my first impression of Vietnam.

Smell of freshly brewed coffee is capturing the city. Most of the people on their motorbikes are driving insanely to reach their destination. Although there is a sense of clumsiness in the air, people are unrattled with day to day struggle.
Vietnam First Impression Mark My Adventure


The most famous cities in Vietnam are undoubtedly Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi. Apart from these massive commercial hubs, there are few more cities like Da Nang, Nha Trang which are crawling up as the modern cities in Vietnam. Cities like Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hanoi are well connected with international airports & are the prime entry point to the country. Ho Chi Minh has high rise towers & also showcases historical roots. One can easily see that cities are still trying to live up with the modern world. The gap between rich & poor is huge & most of the people have a humble living. Most of the people rely on the street vendors for snacks & beverages. It is hard to notice day to day struggle on their smiling faces. Vietnam probably is one of the places which has to catch a lot in terms of living life to the fullest.


Vietnamese food has a special flavor, like most of the South East Asia countries, there are number of vegetarian dishes available to devour on. Rice & noodles are the staple food here & most of the street vendors will serve this only. You can get something or other during the night & you will never run out of options to eat in Vietnam. Apart from high-end restaurants, there are local street vendors which offer great delectable dishes. There are dedicated places to taste street food which are great. If interested in learning how to cook a Vietnamese dish you can take a tour of the same. There are many cooking classes which teaches one, how to cook Vietnamese dishes.


Vietnam infrastructure is of great standards if compared to developing nations. The roads are potholes free & internet connectivity is great all across the cities. All the major cities have bus & train connectivity to each other & booking the tickets is not at all painful. Great roads allow one to have a smooth journey & if a person wants to rent a motorbike & roam on their own. The same is possible in this country. The landscapes are amazing & the beauty of the place is unmatched.


All the major cities in Vietnam have great nightlife. The cities like Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang & Hanoi have a dedicated pub crawl street. A place like Khao San Road in Bangkok. The nightlife is throbbing & rocking in major cities. Expect to stay awake till the late hours if you want to experience the fabulous nights of Vietnam.


Safety at some places can be an issue here. There are cases of snatching & robbing. But, such cases are limited to a very minimum. Most of the touristic places are crowded with the tourists & anything bad happening is just out of the question. However, it doesn't take much to stay aware of the situation. If you are aware of the surroundings there is nothing to fear about here. Also, be clear while traveling, use recommended apps for commutation & always check with your hostel or hotel reception about the place before visiting. They can give you some valuable inputs.
A trip is incomplete without the pics.Buy an iphone to click some breath taking pics. Apart from a phone camera, I use GoPro an adventure camera to shoot video & click high definition photos. The product is pretty handy & captures mind blogging videos. GoPro is easy & handy to use, which makes it a must buy. So, these are my trip essentials.

Worthy are experiences;
Worthy are moments;
There is hardly anything worthier than traveling;
As traveling impacts life the most.

Handy Resources:

Below are the few resources you should check before making an itinerary.

Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

Jetradar: Jetradar is a comparing site which is just like Skyscanner. But, is much more accurate & much more handy in use.

Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

Couchsurfing: Best place to find free accommodation. It is as easy as filtering people & messaging. If you will get lucky you will find free accommodation in local resident house.

Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.

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