Amsterdam Experiences: First Impression of The City

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. I traveled to Amsterdam on my Europe solo trip. In this page I will try to cover my Amsterdam experiences to provide full picture to my travels.

There is a freshness in the air, the calmness in the climate & peace in the environment. There are people but hardly any sound, there is vehicles on the road but no noise. The sky seems to be at walking distance & how can I forget; the smell of the joints in the air. This was my first feeling of Amsterdam. I would try to cover things in different sections so that I can capture most of things travelers look for.

People generally visit only Amsterdam while traveling to Netherlands. However, there are many more places to cover in Netherlands. Places like Rotterdam, Hague, Haarlem etc. I went to Rotterdam, it is small beautiful city & is extremely peaceful. The quietness of the place will get you.
Amsterdam Mark My Adventure
Sort Of Beach Amsterdam

Human Interaction:

One could sense a bit of cold response from the people of Netherlands. I won't say it is one of welcoming cities in world. Unlike South East Asia countries (Thailand & Indonesia) where people greet you with smile & help you wherever possible. I found dutch people beautiful however very cold. If you smile at them the most probable outcome would be plane face. Further, Amsterdam is packed with people from different demographic origins & they keep the city lively & vibrant. In pubs & bars people are usually among themselves only.


The biggest benefit of hailing from Developed nation is its Infrastructure & Amsterdam is also those places. The compact buses, metro, tram systems are advantage in itself. There are buses & trams running across the city all time & reaching from one point to other is not at all tough. If one is eager to try cycling a separate lane is provided to commute without and hindrance. Cycle is the prime mode of transport used by locals to travel across the city. The best way to travel across the city is by buying city card which allows free unlimited transport at a limited price. Free Wifi is also available in public places, high speed internet can solve the requirement of nerdy's. There is even canal which is used by the uber riches for parties & commuting. I rode cycles in Amsterdam, Europe follows RIGHT HAND DRIVE, so be extra careful on turns; it can get tricky at the starting.


Dutch people know how to enjoy the time, there are lot of people working out in Park & play sports. One unique thing was I saw was limited use of cell phones. People tend to enjoy companies of human more than the virtual world. Through out the year they celebrate some functions or the other. Whole of Amsterdam come together to celebrate festivals.

Food & Alcohol:

Don't expect alot from Dutch food. If hailing from Asia don't have high hope for food. The food is not bad however it's taste is very different & will suit only the few. Fries are local's delight & trying it is must. Heineken is manufactured here so utilize the time well. For bakery lover's this place is heaven there are lots of bakery shops which serves delicious sweets & mouth watering one as well. Trying bakery is must here.
Amstermdam Experiences
Sky Amsterdam


There is so much to do here, you won't be dissapointed with the offerings the city has. Sun rises at 6 am & sets at 10 pm so you have plenty of time to try different things. Amsterdam is famous for its Coffee shops. Coffee shops are not regular coffee shop but a joint shop. One can find different types of joints in these shops. A proper menu card is available to choose from. Truffles & space cake are few other options to try.

Museums, parks, red light area, attraction points there is so much to see here. One of the activity I would suggest would be sitting next to the canal & enjoy some time with your friends. The cold climate, the peaceful canal & non setting sun are perfect backdrop to hope for.
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