Best Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape Town is full of effluents activities which will keep you busy throughout the days & nights. But if you are traveling only for the limited time then you will have to make a list to prioritize the things you want to do during your trip to Cape Town. So, here is a list of best things to do in Cape Town that you can do while staying at this beautiful place which is also known as Mother City.

Table Mountain:

It is a landmark place in Cape Town & a trip is not complete if you don’t visit this beautiful place. There are two ways to reach the top; one is by hiking to the top of mountain which will be time consuming & enduring & other one is by using cable car which will cost you some money but will save time & energy. It is recommended to hike this moutain it is very beautiful turst me.

Table Mountain Best Things To Do In Cape Town

Lion’s Head:

Another hiking place is Lion’s head which is simpler than hiking table mountain & unlike table mountain, there is no short cut to reach the top of the peak. The hike is pretty simple except the rare end of the trail. This is a half-day hike & can be carried out on holidays.

View From Lion's Head Mark My Adventure

Signal Hill:

Popularly considered as a sunset point in Cape Town. The place is also home to paragliding. So, the sunsets are very beautiful here. You can drive your car to the parking point & from there you can walk enjoy the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Lions Head Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape To Good Hope:

The southern west point of Cape Town. This point is practically the endpoint of the continent. The place is under the table mountain national park & it requires a vehicle to reach this point. It is very windy & secluded. The roads will run forever & many times you will feel that you are in between nowhere but you should drive to the place roads will take you. The endpoint is mesmerizing & one of the most beautiful sites you will ever visit. There is an entrance fee of R300 onwards applicable.

Cape of Good Hope Cape Town

Simon’s Town:

Simon’s town will hardly ring any bell but boulder island surely will. This town is home to one of the rarest species on the planet earth & this is a great place to view these rare species in the wild enjoying life. This cute species is a major attraction & you should never miss an opportunity to visit this place. There is an entrance fee of R150 onwards applicable.

Boulders Beach Mark My Adventure

Robben Island:

Who would have thought that people will queue up in large numbers to visit a jail? But, this is not an ordinary jail it is a jail where the great Nelson Mandela was held during his jail time. He stayed here for 18 long years. A remote island near Cape Town is a major tourist attraction & it will take a step closer to the hard-lived life of Mr. Nelson Mandela. There is an entrance fee applicable. Check out the fee here.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden:

If you like gardens, trees, greeneries & some jungle portions. This place is heaven for you. This place is awesome to spend some quality afternoon time. You can find one of the rarest of trees & flowers. The whole place is close to nature; so you will be having a great time. There is entrance fee of R65 applicable.

Marine Activities:

Shark cage diving & whale watching are the two fabulous experiences that are a must. But, both these activities don’t happen in Cape Town. For these, you need to drive to the Gansbaai, a small town near Cape Town. If you are not sure of driving then it is advisable to book to pick up drop service with the vendors. But, the cost of the same will be high.

Helicopter Ride:

Helicopter rides are very famous in Cape Town. Throughout the day, you can witness helicopters flying across the city to pamper you with the views. One can see the whole city which is basically the point of this ride. The ride is very fancy & I would recommend trying only if you are having spare money.

Chapman’s Peak:

It is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The scenic view is mesmerizing & road craved out on the cliff & vast ocean on the other will last an impression over you. The view gets beautiful with each passing curve & you will be finding it difficult to describe the beauty of the place.An entrance fee of R30 onwards is applicable.

Chapmans peak Cape Town

Six District Museum:

Six districts is a very popular place in Cape Town. The place is converted into the museum. The museum covers the timelines & events that took place in the city. The bloody past of the city & why the discrimination was at such a prime high. An entrance fee of R55 onwards applicable.

Bo Kaap Museum:

Bo Kaap is one of the most color neighborhood in Cape Town. There are many houses soaked in vibrant colors. This is open to all & it will take hardly 1 hour to cover the area.

Bo Kaap Museum Cape Town

Camps Bay & Cliffton Beaches:

These two are the beach area in Cape Town. Camps bay is much more commercialized one & crowded with tourists & locals. However, the best of the lot is Cliffton beaches. These secluded beaches are surrounded by millionaire mansions & is treat to eyes. These beaches should not be missed in Cape Town.

V & A Waterfront:

V & A waterfront is shopping destination of Cape Town. One can still see shipyard & people working on it. The shopping center has all the reputed brands. The shopping center is a wonderful place to buy something & eat some local food. Don’t miss visiting this place.

These are some of the activities which one should keep in mind before planning a trip to Cape Town. Many people say Cape Town is good enough for 3 to 4 days which I highly disagree. I spent 1 week here & still missed on many things like Shark cage diving, whale watching, Robben island, etc. One can easily spend 2 weeks & cover all the activities mentioned above. If you have completed all these below is the list of few other things that one can do in Cape Town.

Stallenbosch wine yards for tasting best wines
Aquila Safari for a step closure to nature
Muizenberg is a surfing center in Cape Town

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Lion’s Head Cape Town Hiking Guide

Cape Town is known for its beautiful nature & there is no hiding from this fact. Cape Town is also known as, Mother city. At one end of the city, there is a vast ocean & on the other side are two major attractions Table mountain & Lion’s head. Lion’s head hiking is great outdoor sports for the locals during the holidays. The peak probably got his name because of its structure. From Cliffton beach, the peak will give you an impression of Lion sitting. Maybe because of this fact the peak is known as Lion’s Head & any person who visits Cape Town will hike Lion’s head for sure. So, here is Lion’s Head (Cape Town) Hiking Guide.

How To Reach Lion’s Head

The best way to reach Lion’s head parking lot is either through MyCiti Bus or by Uber. Check for Kloof Nek stop if you are traveling by My Citi Bus. Reaching Lion’s head is easy & so is the climb.

Entrance To Lion Head

Lion’s Head Hiking

The starting 20 min of a hike is pretty simple & easy. You only have to walk on the elevated path which doesn’t require any skill set. You walk & encounter some of the best scenes of Cape Town City. While the first corner will give you a glimpse of a chain of mountains on one side & secluded Cliffton beaches on the other. Another corner will give you a glimpse of Robben island which is located in the middle of an ocean & can be reached by ferry.

Hiking Lion’s head is pretty simple & beautiful. Just below the difficult hiking point, there is a bench placed. The bench overlooks the massive ocean which from that altitude looks like a flowing river & Cape Town city which seems to be insignificant in such beauty. With no object to disturb in front of you this bench is perfect to watch the sunset during summers.

After this point the real hike begins, the sedimentary rocks are solid & bit slippery at few places. After hiking for about half an hour from the start point there are two paths to the top; one is a tougher one which includes climbing a ladder & staplers which saves 15 min of your hike time with ease & other one is much simpler but is longer. So, depending on your liking for an adventure & strength you can take either one of them. I took the longer route. There are few high steps that one have to take. This half of the hiking is difficult & with each passing step, one is closure to the top. The more upwards you hike the more beautiful the scenes get. After 45 min one only checks how far the top is as the energy is draining. During one such point, an Asian origin man was descending & he said, “Man, we are not meant for such things; but hang on you are about to reach the top.”
Lions Head Hiking Mark My Adventure
Later did I realize that Indians are not walking enough, not doing enough of outdoor activities. Thus, the sentence is appropriate. It is an irony that we have youngest of the population & still, we are not on the list of happiest, healthiest countries of the world.

The ascending is gets tough but after overcoming all the obstacle I reached the top of the hill & from there I can see table mountain on one side, ocean on the other, city of Cape Town on the other & Cape Town famous beaches on the other. The view is just mesmerizing from the top. You will want to spend some quality time at the top.

Signal Hill Peak  Mark My Adventure

My Experience of hiking Lion’s Head:

I did Lion’s head hike on the last day of my trip as I wanted to enjoy the sunset from the top of the peak. However, it was cloudy so I missed the opportunity to watch it during my expedition. The first half of the hiking is pretty simple & easy there is a slight gradient walk. But, the real fun starts once you reach the stairs from where the real hikes begin. Steps are generally tough for new ones because of strength and endurance & not most of us are built for this hardship. But, with all the strength I went ahead expecting whirlpool ride. There is a bench in the middle of the path which overlooks the ocean. I sat there for some time & started thinking about all the possibilities in the world. This is what, a good place does to you. It makes you think about the things that you don’t do during your day to day life.

Walking upwards in slippery rocks are difficult & scary. There are few edges from where you need to step upwards; the path is very well marked so there is no problem in getting the right direction. At some of the places, you will have to use a little bit of rock climbing techniques to climb some of the rocks. But, this all is manageable. Reaching the top is a memorable experience. In the background, there is a mountain, ocean, city & whatnot. You can easily spend quality time & many people do this. I sat there wondering about my trip & how I came from a small town to my 7th country.

It is funny how things fall into the pattern. You know nothing is happening on a daily basis. But, soon you are 1 year older, 365 days gone from your life & you are one year wiser. This was my that moment where I thought how far I have come rather than thinking about how far I have to go. Here it was a short guide about Lion’s Head Cape Town Hiking.
Lions Head Hiking Guide

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Hike & Life

Hike & Life Mark My Adventure
Recently I hiked Table Mountain in Cape Town for an adventure. The mountain, whose one face seems to be in the shape of a table & when the clouds cover it as a table cloth, it is something. This doesn’t mean, the place loses any sheen without clouds. That view is amazing as well. So, hiking like many solo sports is done by a single person until & unless you are not hiking in a group. So, while hiking this magnificent mountain, lots of thoughts passed my mind & out of so many thoughts, one thought just stuck to my head. That thought was that life & hiking are related to each other in so many different ways, which lead me to write this post as per my understanding.

Initial Phase:

During the start of every hiking expedition, the starting few meters are always full of energy you walk fast, you take big strides, you watch more & you adore more. This is probably true for every one hiker. If not then for most of the hikers it is. So, the initial phase is always full of excitement & energy & with full energy we move into the ascending phase of the hike.

The early life of humans is also full of energy when we are a kid; we have the energy for everything, we are even amazed by the sound of a click. We look as if we are not going to see that thing again & we enjoy it to the fullest. We would like to keep on going & we like to explore as much as I can.

Ascending Phase:

After walking initial phases of the hike, we are slowly losing some energy we have come to certain height & from here the hiking gets real tough, suddenly the strides become big & the ascending seems tough. With each passing step, we feel like quitting the hike. Our energy is completely drained off & we want to give at this very instant. But, one voice from the inside rise & say gently one more step & with all the courage in the world, we lift our step again & walk a few more steps. But, to our misery, we are tired again & we stop to take a breather. While taking breather we enjoy the view, the breathtaking view for which we took this hike in the first place. After resting for some time, we again focus on our mission & walk upwards towards the top. The process of stopping, thinking of quitting, walking again crawl across mind several times during this tough phase of the hike. However, we always calm clutter of our mind by saying the top is where our destination lies. So, we continue walking upwards to reach the top.

Once we reach our adolescence we are constantly asked about the next step, as if we have already seen it all & in a better position to make the right decision. But, we take one step at a time, we finish graduation & wait to analyze what should we do next & then jump into the next adventure. We did something else which should have been a genius move. But, it was another way round. We again stop & then reach the working life, where we are constantly bugged with the toxic culture & surroundings. But, unlike hiking where we stop for some time to gain our energy & walk again. Here we are constantly running, some time we think of quitting everything & move to some known territory but one voice speaks louder than the others & we soon focus on the task uphill. With all these nonuniform thoughts we reach the peak of our life.

The Top:

Once we reach the top, we acknowledge the view & all the pain we took to reach to the top were worth the view. High energy is flowing in the body & we feel like superheroes after taking this drenching walk to the talk. We stay at the top for some time adore the beauty from after fully grasping the view we descend downwards.

After working hard for several years, we are at the peak of our performance & it all seemed to work the efforts, sacrifice & pain. We like the way we feel at the top of the world. We are good with our limited capabilities & try to stay at the top for the majority of the time. However, we ignore that nothing is forever. After our brief stay at the top, it is time for the next step.

The Descend:

After a much-energized stay at the top, we say goodbye to the view & descend thinking that it will be much simpler & easy to walk down if compared to the ascending. Little did we know that we have lost, lots of energy while ascending. So we use the start & stop technique for descending as well, where we walk few steps downwards & stop to gain energy & walk again. It is so funny that we only think about one aspect of hike & always ignore the other one. Thus, I feel it is a great sport, as you have to take those hard steps & those tough moments where you are beaten down, low on energy & still gather all your courage to walk few extra steps to reach the starting point.

We are untouchables at the top or this is how we feel. But, someone better, someone who has acquired new skills & talent overtakes us. We are late in our career & it is difficult to adjust to new ways of living. However, with all the experience which we gained early in the career, we maintain our dignity & perform best to our abilities & it is gone be soon that we will realize that it is now time to reach the latter half of our lives.

Finish Line

When we are walking to our abode we are constantly smiling for the fact that we have managed to climb such a mountain, where we beat ourself to deliver the best. We are lost all the energy but we are satisfied with the walk & loved the fact that we made the climb. We look at our efforts & pat ourselves on the back. We realize how strong we actually are, how courageous we were not to give up during that tough period of ascending & during descending where we totally ignored the pain of walking down. Whatsoever, was our feeling during the walk, we are still smiling at the end of it & still all geared up to take another hike.

We are done with our career, & feeling ecstatic to survive this chaos. We are happily living our lives & thinking about all the jargons during our struggling days. No matter how many times we felt on quitting but we persisted with our mission & completed it in the best of our abilities. We are old & sharing stories of all the troubles, our doubts, our journey & pain & after so many ups & downs we are much wiser & much happier.

This was my adventure of hiking. What about yours?

Top 5 Hikes in India

Guest posts are always welcome on my website. This guest post is written by Morgan (mom of two kids); which is about the best hikes in India for visual pleasure. So, not wasting any more time & here is what this guy has to say about top 5 hikes in India.

5 Awesome Hikes to Take in India for Great Views


India offers numerous hiking trails and it’s definitely a paradise for the hikers. From snow-covered mountains to beautiful meadows to gushing streams and waterfalls, India has it all. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore hiker or a backpacker. There are numerous hiking regions with varying level of difficulties. With so many places available, it’s hard to decide which one to go to. We have come up with five awesome hiking place to go where you can have the best time of your life.

Hemkund and Valley of Flowers, Garhwal


At an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level, the valley of flowers is an utter bliss. It’s the perfect place to start your Himalayan hiking journey as it’s one of those rare natural botanical gardens where flowers bloom in every possible color you can imagine. The best time to visit Hemkund is right after the monsoon season, during July, August, and early September, as the valley is covered with snow during the winter. This picture perfect place has the tranquil river Pushpawati flowing in the middle with snow-clad mountains on one side and a tall sky-high cliff on the other.
There are about 520 species of flowering plants and animals such as Himalayan Black bears, Brown bears, birds and butterflies call this place their home. There are many local tales that the trekkers fall unconscious on the valley with the heavy smell of flowers. (Just giving you some heads up)

This place is a paradise for nature and flower lovers. Every year thousands of hikers gather up during the blossom season to witness the extravagant scenario. It’s a moderately difficult hike that takes about 5 to 6 days to compete. Don’t bother taking up foods along as there are plenty of eateries on the way. Just enjoy the scenic sight of snowy mountains and the riot of colors.
Hemkund Valley of Flowers Mark My Adventure

Great lakes, Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir’s divine beauty needs no introduction. The hike at the Great lakes will give you an experience that you’ll cherish forever. As the Mughal Emperor Jahangir once said “If there is Heaven on Earth, it is here”, the ethereal beauty of Kashmir surely does justice to the saying.

The best time to enjoy this astounding place is from June to August when the trekking route is lush green and covered in thousands of blooming flowers. This is quite a challenging trek that takes about 7 to 8 days to complete. The highest altitude is at about 13,750 ft. with an approximate route of 63km long. This hiking experience will not only challenge you physically, but it will also challenge your inner strength.
The hiking trip begins at Shitkati. You’ll experience the true beauty of nature on your way from Shitkati to Sonamarg. The greenery of the place will mesmerize you with every passing minute. The next route will take you from Nachnai Pass to Vishanshar Lake. The Vishashar Lake is a serene beauty that is surrounded by four mountains. Just after 1.2km ahead, another beauty awaits the Kishansar Lake. The maximum altitude is reached at Gadsar Pass, the final destination.
Even though the hike is quite a difficult one, but this expedition will undoubtedly give you heaven on earth experience.

Great Lakes Best Hikes In India

Har Ki Dun Valley, Uttarakhand

Haar ki dun is one of those delightful trekking places that you can experience both during winter and summer. It’s one of the most beautiful valleys in the Western Himalayas. It has an altitude of about 3500m above the sea level. You can access this place through Govind national park which is famous for its rich content of flora and fauna. This valley will give you a vintage feeling with the adjacent snow-covered peaks and alpine vegetation.

This cradle shaped valley has local people who have been living here for around 3000 years. Birds and animals are not abundant in this region but you can spot some black bears, wild boars and few other kinds of animals if your luck favors. Har Ki Dun means the valley of Gods and this valley does live up to its name. There are four villages in this valley named Datmir, Gangad, Puani, and Osla. These villages can be accessed only by trekking. Many streams eventually join the main river is Supin. The divine meadows, wildflowers and the lush green forest create a beautiful sight during the monsoon. During winter the snow covered mountains create a picturesque sight. The whole valley stays covered in snow from the month of December to April.
Har Ki Dun Trek Mark My Adventure

Rajmachi Fort

If you’re upset that you can’t make time for the long hikes then the Rajmachi Fort is the perfect place for you. This beautiful trek is blessed with lush green mountains, countless waterfalls, vast plateaus and many more. It has two forts named Shrivardhan and Manaranjan.  The Rajmachi Fort is situated in between the mesmerizing hills of Sahyadri. Rajmachi fort is one of the most visited hiking places in India. Hikers and nature lovers gather here to witness this ethereal beauty from time to time.

This place has a splendid view especially during the monsoon months of June to August when the mountains are covered in fresh greenery. This is a perfect place for the beginner level hikers. The trekking distance is 16km from Lonavala. However, there are various routes available. From the base village, it takes about one hour to reach the top with few stops for snacks in between. Remember, if you’re hiking during the monsoon be extra cautious as the routes get a bit slippery during this time. The breathtaking view from the base camp to the top will give you an experience of a lifetime.
Rajmachi Trek Mark My Adventure

Stok Kangri, Ladhak

There are many long and short trails in the Leh-Ladhak district. Stok Kangri is the most challenging one you’ll face here and undoubtedly the best trails of all.  This is India’s highest trekking point at a jaw-dropping 6,153 meters, which is about seventy percent of Mount Everest. This trek is no child’s game as it requires rigorous dedication, hard work, and willpower to complete. Weather plays a very vital role in this trek. One minute it can bright and sunny then the next minute it can turn in to blizzard. Most people return without climbing the peak as it gets too dangerous sometimes.
Prior experience and health fitness are prime considerations for this hike. Before the journey starts, you need to get accustomed to the extreme weather of this place. The entire hiking journey will take around 9 to 10 days. The route starts from the Stok village which is so beautiful that it seems to have been taken out of a storybook. The mesmerizing views of Ladakh Range, Zanskar Range, and the city of Leh are an absolute treat for the eyes.
The best time to opt for this expedition is from July to September. Every year hikers from all around the world come to participate in the Stok Kangri Summit. Even if you don’t reach the peak, you’ll surely cherish this divine experience for the rest of your life.

Stok Kangri Mark My Adventure

About Me

Hey all, I am Morgan, a mom with two kids. I go hiking & campingat least once a year (unless it is too cold outside). I run a blog called Outdoor Spider to talk about products you might need while living outside for a day or more.

The guest post was on hikes in India for visual pleasure. If you are interested in sharing your content on my blog. I would be happy to post some.

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Prashar Lake: So Deep, It Touches Your Soul

Prashar lake is one of the most unexplored lakes near Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Prashar lake trek starts from the Baggi village which is around 20 km from Mandi. I’ve been wanting to visit this lake for a year and suddenly in the first week of March, I decided to trek solo.

It was solo travel, but in reality, I wasn’t traveling or trekking solo. There were lots of people I met which never made me feel alone. I thought it was up to me to go down which path, whether to make friends during my journey or choose my own path and enjoy my own moments.

Delhi to Mandi(Prashar Lake)

I took a bus from Kashmiri gate at 6:30 PM on 9 March 2018 which left me at Mandi around 6 AM the next day. The first bus from Mandi to Baggi village leaves at around 8 AM. I took a bus to Shegli immediately which is 4 km from Baggi village. I met a group which was also going to the trek. I walked and hitchhiked to Baggi village.

There were a few cafes at Baggi village where I did my breakfast. Prices were nominal, not so costly. I had a few parathas there and filled up my water bottles.

Prashar Lake Mark My Adventure

Prashar Lake trek from Baggi village:

I started my trek at 10 AM from Baggi village with the group I met on the bus. The trek started from crossing a naala and then walking straight for around a km on the rocky path. Thereafter, I entered the thick dense pine forests. It was so beautiful in between those pine trees and I didn’t meet any other person on the trek except the group which I met on the bus. I found only one source of water in the whole trek. So, it was good that I carried enough water with me. Before one km from the lake, I reached this open area and found some mud houses. It was an amazing feeling to not find a single soul in the range of a km.

After trekking for around 4 hours, I reached this beautiful peaceful lake and it was all worth it. Prashar temple also lies just near the lake and its architecture was awe-inspiring.

Prashar Lake

The lake is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of some large mountains. There is a 360-degree view of mountain ranges from the top area of the lake. Peaks of Triund, Indrahar Pass, Chamba, Hanuman Tibba, Spiti, Kinnaur and some other mountain ranges are visible from the top. There is no other two-day trek which gives such pleasant views within such a short distance.

Camp Site

I had my own sleeping bag with me and I knew that there were dorm rooms available in the temple. I went to the temple and talked to the Pandit Ji about the room and he told me to talk to the caretaker. Caretaker bhaiya showed me the room and gave me a mattress. And man, I swear that was one of the best nights of my life. I could see the lake from my window and it was amazing. After putting my backpack in my room, I went outside and ate some Maggi. I spent my entire evening watching the beautiful sunset and then ate Rajma Chawal and slept.

A local guy told me that there is a beautiful site 2 km from the Parashar lake. I followed the road, took a wrong turn and reached this place and enjoyed this stunning sunset alone.

Random place

Prashar lake to Mandi:

I wanted to go down by bus as I trekked while coming up here. So, I enquired about the bus from the people and took it to reach Mandi at 4:30 PM. Drive from Prashar Lake to Mandi was a treat. The bus went through some muddy path in between the lush green valley which was breathtaking for me. I ate some food at Mandi Bus Stand and took the bus to Delhi which reached at 5 AM.

Some amazing stories about this place

  • Till now, various attempts have been made to find the depth of this lake but no one was successful. Isn’t it astonishing in the 21st century?
  • It is believed that Prashar temple is built in the era of Mahabharata and the lake was created by Bhim’s elbow push.
  • No one is allowed to enter the fencing around the lake except the local people who use this lake as a source of water.
  • It is said that the small island which is in the middle of the lake changes its location with respect to the time of the year.
  • The water of this lake is used for drinking by the local people and it tastes amazing.

Useful Information:

  • Tents are available itself near the Prashar lake at the cost of Rs. 300-500
  • Bus from Mandi to Baggi village leaves at around 8 AM and costs around 50/-
  • There are a few cafes in Baggi village where you can eat and pack your lunch for the trek as there are no shops during the trek.
  • Direct buses also run from Mandi to Prashar lake which is the same bus that goes via Baggi village and reaches Prashar lake at 11 AM. The same bus leaves for Mandi at 1:15 PM and reaches Mandi at 4:30 PM.
  • Temple may also be closed in the month of January and February.
  • Various buses run from Delhi to Mandi in the evening and take around 11-12 hours to reach. The prices of Roadways HRTC bus is 530/-, Himmani Deluxe non-AC is 730/- and Himsuta AC Bus is around 1100/-. Prefer HRTC buses over the private ones.
  • This trek can be done within the budget of 1400-2000 depending on which bus you take and where you stay. I did this trek in 1400/-
  • You can take your tent if you want and camp near the lake.
  • Cost of food is nominal near the lake. Maggi costs 30/- and Rajma Chawal cost 60/-
  • Only Jio and Airtel networks are available at the lake.

Best season to visit:

This trek can be done at any time of the year. In winters, the lake freezes, so for the people who love snow, this lake is a blessing.

In summers, the area around the lake is fully green. This trek should be avoided in the Monsoon season as the trail gets slippery.

Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake temperature:

Temperature goes below -4 degree Celsius in the months of January and February. While in the other seasons, it’s between 10-15 degree Celsius.

Whenever you visit this lake, use water of the lake for drinking over plastic bottles. If you purchase some bottles then please take them to Mandi with you because it’s very hard to transfer all the plastics. Let’s make this beautiful lake pollution free.

This post is written by Mayank Gupta & one can follow his work at

Della & Pavana Lake: A weekend Well Spent

There are lots of places near Mumbai where one can spend a quality time. Mumbai has a space constraints so finding an open space is a tough thing to do.Della adventure is answer for such constraints, Della has established a park in Lonavala (some 2.5 or 3 hours drive from Mumbai & 1.5 hours drive from Pune). An adventure park which offers variety of outdoor activities & surely is good place to visit.

Della Adventures:

Della Adventures is located in Lonavala. The place has many activities like paintball, wall climbing, zip line,  archery, shooting, swings, obstacle, dirt bike racing etc. The prices of the activities vary. However, there is a basic plan which allows one to play games like snooker, table tennis, chess, carrom, net practice (cricket), archery. But, to play games like paintball, dirtbike racing one need to shed extra rupees. Other than this they also provide staying option if one is willing to spend another day. Click here to book a room in Della.

Della Mark My Adventure

The basic package starts from approx 2000 excluding taxes.  However, there are many offers available on online booking which can be cheaper than this price. The same can be looked by clicking here.

Dirt biking Della Adventure

I went to this park with my friends, I felt the basic package was overpriced. However, it is a good place for kids, as they can ride cycles, pet a dog & enjoy some time away from honking of vehicles. But, for adults, it might be disappointing because of the rush & the price.

Carrying out all the activities in a single day is difficult. The best would be to shortlist the activities one wants to do & only perform those. Although, it is possible to cover all the activities in 2 day.

A food court is available in the park. So, there is no need to worry about the food. The cost of food in restaurant is on a higher side, but that is expected if traveling to some adventure club.

We spent one afternoon there & for us it was a decent one time visit. We enjoyed our time over there. But, will think to visit the place again. After spending an afternoon, we moved to Pavana Lake for the evening. Lake is some 1.5 to 2 hours journey from Della Adventures.

Pavana Lake:

Pavana lake is a wonderful site for camping. Located at some distance from the city. The sites near a lake are owned by local villagers. Hence, it is logical to take a camping package from them. The charges are not high, so one can afford it easily. The package includes a tent, a camp fire, bonfire (if lucky enough to get one), food & morning snacks & the cost of the package was approx 1000 per head.

Pavana Lake Mark My Adventure

The best part of camping is its view, so choose the view accordingly. Luckily, we got good location. You can search camping site by clicking on this link.

The night here was more about sitting near the campfire & chit chatting about different phases of the life or different experiences.

Morning View Pavana Lake

The morning views were mesmerizing, the never-ending landscapes & peace all around the camp is the experience which one can only dream of. I particularly enjoyed the morning scene because of the freshness in the air & nature.

Lake View Mark My Adventure

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