Places Worth to Visit in India and Few Tips to Enjoy Your Trip

India is a diverse country with a rich history and beautiful landscapes. It has mountains, rivers, deserts and everything a man can imagine. It is bordered by Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China. It exhibits great diversity with more than 15 languages spoken and a wide diversification in cuisines in each state we go.

Well, spending holidays in India could be a time taking thing so it is suggested to carry a bit extra things with you. There isn’t any need to take stress about the weight of your luggage because now there are many cargo companies who take great care of your this problem by sending excess luggage to India by air cargo and sea cargo as well.

One can visit a wide variety of possible destinations in India. From the chaos of cities to the relaxing scenery of the hills, this country has all one wants to see. Following are the best places to visit in India.
Places in India

1. Ladakh

Ladakh is located in the north-most areas of India with beautiful snow-capped hills, jaw-dropping beautiful valleys and several monasteries that belong to the Buddhists It is located in Kashmir, which holds great significance due to it being a disputed territory. The town of Leh is the ideal place to visit in Ladakh, which is situated at a high elevation from sea level. Ladakh is full of Buddhist monasteries and temples, which are centuries old and hold great significance in Buddhism. The best natural places to visit in Ladakh are Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley and Zanskar River. The Hemis Festival held in Leh is also something a lot of tourists must experience when coming to Ladakh.
Ladhak India

2. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a beautiful city located in Rajasthan, which is also known as the ‘Land of Golden Sand’. It is located in the Thar Desert, which never disappoints you with its golden sand and enchanting beauty. There are many places to visit in Jaisalmer like ‘Salim Ji Ki Haveli’ and ‘Patwon ki Haveli’ which shed a great deal of light on the wealthy grandeur of Rajput Merchants. The desert festival held annually in Jaisalmer makes it a great occasion, and one which makes it a worthwhile holiday trip. Jaisalmer is one of the most vibrant places in India, and surely one of the most striking ones. Apart from Jaisalmer there is Udaipur which is a royal place to visit.
Jaisalmer Rajasthan

3. Sikkim

Sikkim is a beautiful city located in North-East Himalayas. It has beautiful snow-capped hills, immaculate lakes and wonderful monasteries belonging to the Buddhists. If someone wants to find peace and be alone for some time, Sikkim is one of the best spots to do so. Sikkim is famous for its Yak, so it is great to experience the ‘Yak Safari’. You’ll get hypnotized in the enchanting enchantress of the Lake Tsomgo, Gurudongmar Lake and Khecheopalri Lake. Overall, Sikkim is one of the best places to visit in India being a tourist, and if you’re looking for an ideal holiday destination, Sikkim is going to be one of your top priorities.
Sikkim Mark My Adventure

4. Goa

Goa is a holiday destination famous for late-night festivities and its beautiful beaches. It is a former colony of Portugal which attracts both national and international tourism. If you’re seeking a romantic place to spend your holidays, Goa should be the best place that comes to your mind.Candolim Beach and Anjuna Beach are one of the best sites to visit in Goa. To have a look at the beautiful coastline of Goa, you can always go to the Chapora Fort to have a look at the beauty of the Goa beaches from a new angle. If you’re still not satisfied, Palolem beach will make sure to satisfy you by all means.
Goa Places To Visit In India

5. Varanasi

Varanasi is also called the Spiritual Capital of India. It is situated on the bank of River Ganges. The city is more than 3100 years old, which also makes it one of the oldest occupied cities in the world.The biggest attraction in Varanasi is religious buildings. From Temples to Mosques, you’ll be amazed by the antiquity of the city. The main attraction is the Alamgir Mosque and the Sankat Mochan Temple. This temple is famous because it is full of monkeys. More than 65000 people go every day to take a bath in the Ganges River.
Varanasi Mark My Adventure

6. Agra

Agra is a city in Uttar Pradesh, located approximately 200km from Delhi. Generally, you can reach Agra from Delhi in under 3 hours by road. By train, you can take a train and reach Agra Cantt, the main station of Agra. The best time to visit Agra is from November to February with some great discounts as well due to November being the off-season. Agra is known for the Taj Mahal. It is located on the bank of Yamuna River. It was built by Shah Jahan who did it to house his wife’s tomb Mumtaz. It was built in between 1631 and 1648. It is a great attraction and is currently part of UNESCO World Heritage.
Taj Mahal Agra

7. Dharamsala

Dharamsala is known as the residence of the Tibetan monk Dalai Lama. It is located at a distance of 18km from Kangra City in Himachal Pradesh. The city is comprised of two parts; the upper-division and the lower division. The upper area is Mcleodganj while the lower town is known as Dharamsala.

The best time to visit Dharamsala is in dry and sunny days as this city is also one of the wettest cities of India. The winter in Dharamsala is very cold while the summer is very rainy in the end.

Things to keep in mind while travelling to India

There are a few tips that will help tourists when they visit India. They are explained as follows:

 1. Plan your trip

After you have finally decided to visit India, the next thing that should be in your mind is to plan your trip. India is a very big country so you should prepare a plan for yourself which contains the places which you will visit during your stay in India. If you’re not coming with a travel agency or a tourist group, then you need to plan your trip accordingly.
How To Plan A Trip Mark My Adventure

2.  Learn how to bargain

India is one of those places where people adjust the rates of certain products by just looking at tourists. So, one needs to learn how to bargain with the Indian shopkeepers, which can save a lot of money for tourists. Visiting people can ask locals about the actual prices of products to know the difference and then bargain accordingly.

3. Go outside cities

The main beauty of India is not in its hustling and bustling cities. Its real beauty can be felt and seen by visiting villages outside the cities. Villages are much calmer than cities and their air is fresh. You get to feel the love and hospitality of the villagers, which gives a real sense of belongingness and importance.
Indian City

4. Be a traditionalist

When you go to tour different places in India, try to blend in with the locals. This can only happen by wearing local clothes. Wearing skirts or other dress that doesn’t cover your body is not recommended at all because this can attract unwanted attention. Try to be as conservative as you can and be communicative to the locals.

5. Beware of pickpockets and scammers

India, like many tourist destinations in the world, is a place where pickpockets thrive especially in congested areas full of tourists. Beware of all kinds of pickpockets and keep everything you have in check. Make sure that your surroundings are safe.

Another issue that sometimes demotivates a lot of people from travelling is scams. Scams in tourist destinations are very common and tourists must keep their eyes open when touring places in India.

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This guest post is from Isla Oliver.

World of India

1. Hundreds of cuisines In India

Maybe no other nation can offer you more cuisines than india. There’s nothing of the sort as normal Indian food ; from Kerala to Kolkata there’s a buffet of impressive territorial dishes to be found, past the well-known top picks of chicken tikka masala, rogan josh, malai kofta and baked margarine naan, which can regularly be more earnestly to discover in India than in the UK. Food is a feature of any Indian outing.

Food World of India

2. It’s low-cost

As per the biennial World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, India positions is 10th best for “value intensity”. Luxurious accomodation is generally reasonable, and you can get around the nation via train for very low cost. An ongoing drop in the value of the rupee implies that trip to India is even more cheaper than usual. The pound as of now purchases around six percent more Indian cash than it completed a year prior.

3. The world’s most popular structure

“The Taj Mahal is the most popular structure on the planet and seemingly the most lovely” it is widely considered one of the most beautiful buildings ever created in history. “The design is grand yet the story the stones encapsulate that draws 7,000,000 guests every year.”

Taj Mahal India Mark My Adventure

4. Also, the craziness of Delhi

India’s capital is a throbbing megalopolis that smothers and invigorates in equivalent measure (the same number of India’s urban communities do). In any case, hold on for this fuming settlement and it will gradually uncover a side you might not have expected; find verdant parks with their initial morning yoga classes, lose all sense of direction in its dusty bookshops, meander around its extravagant Hindu sanctuaries, tune in to the call to petition reverberation from timeworn mosques, shop at awesome markets, go to a satire club and take in a Bollywood appear.

5. You can observe the Wagah border function

Since 1959, at the wilderness among India and Pakistan, outskirt protects from the two countries have occupied with a strange fringe service that, as indicated by Jack Palfrey, an ongoing guest, summons “the balance and style of artful dance and the dramatic skill and hostility of expert wrestling.” Expect goose-venturing, yelling and much fervor from the groups that accumulate to observe each day.

6. And, stay in a royal castles

Live like a Mughal ruler in one of India’s previous castles, a large number of which have since been changed over into luxurious lodgings. There are such a significant number of to browse and discover some motivation further beneath.

7. The natural life is inconceivable

Experience Rudyard Kipling’s India with a natural life watching outing to one of the nation’s numerous national parks, where guests can see everything from tigers and elephants to rhinos and rufous-bellied bird of prey falcons. Eminent parks incorporate Ranthambore, Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh. This is not all India also has rivers which holds deity like position in India. Click here for 10 Longest river in India.

National Parks Mark My Adventure

8. Indian craftsmanship is resurgent

As per the Spirit Bohemian Art manager, Alastair Smart, these are energizing occasions for Indian workmanship, which is experiencing something of a renaissance, driven by creatives in Mumbai. Peruse about it in his dispatch from the hot Indian city.

9. There are magnificent railroad ventures

Nothing very contrasts and going around India via train, an encounter that causes wonder, anxious expectation and exciting invigoration in equivalent measure. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a Unesco World Heritage site that breezes through the tight avenues of Darjeeling, is a conspicuous feature, yet there are numerous others.

10. You can do a boat trip on Kerala’s backwaters

Kerala’s backwaters are a labyrinth of winding streams, trenches and lakes extending about 50 miles, and they are best investigated on one of the old rice freight boats, which were earlier utilized for moving grain yet have since been changed over to ship vacationers around.

House Boat Kerala India

11. Or on the other hand observe Varanasi

“Varanasi is India for the accomplished,” composes Gill Charlton. “Its packed limited back streets can incite claustrophobia even in prepared voyagers: grievers convey their dead on caskets to the consuming patios over the waterway; sacred men and explorers wash in the honestly dingy waters upstream and counsel stargazers and palm perusers; and dairy animals, goats and worn out kids search for scraps on the ghats – the flights of ventures down to the Ganges.” Not for the cowardly at that point, yet a serious display.

12. There’s a Golden Triangle

The urban communities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are known as the Golden Triangle due to their social quality. These urban areas structure the premise of the great voyage through northern India, which incorporates the notable Taj Mahal and Ranthambore National Park.

13. You can climb the Himalayas

Despite the fact that the star fascination of the Himalayas, Mount Everest, lies a huge number of kilometers from India, on the boondocks among Nepal and China, the Indian part of this epic mountain range offers numerous eye catching vistas and fine climbing. Or on the other hand invest a little energy in the lower regions. Rishikesh, the north Indian town on the Ganges regularly called “the yoga capital of the world” ended up world-renowned gratitude to the Beatles, who came to remain 50 years back, and (with no undue surge) it’s currently benefiting as much as possible from its VIP association. The center is an intriguingly elective vacation destination – the remaining parts of the ashram kept running by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a man with a triumphant line in moxy and a truly straggling whiskers.

Himalaya India

14. It’s little bit French

At any rate it is in Pondicherry, a pocket-sized previous state which France administered somewhere in the range of 1672 and 1954. “They left an inheritance that uncovers itself in amazing ways,” composed Mick Brown after a visit.

“The long, clearing promenade – the Rue de la Marine – that fringes the Bay of Bengal conveys echoes of Deauville or Biarritz. The road signs would be at home in any French common town; and this is the main spot in India where the police wear red képis.”

15. There’s a cut of heaven

Goa is flawless, yet in the event that you need influencing palms, brilliant sand and turquoise waters, at that point head to the Havelock Islands. Coasting in the Bay of Bengal, this tropical archipelago offers maybe the best making a plunge India and is, by most meanings of the word, heaven.

Sunsets In India
This is a guest post by Spirit Bohemian. I am posting this on his behalf & all the content & photos is owned by Spirit Bohemian.

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Best Places for Kayaking In Georgia

Best Places For Kayaking In Georgia
Georgia is a land of endless wonders and adventurous activities. It is still untarnished by modern tourism and retains its authenticity to its core. Bounded by the waters of the Black Sea in the East; Turkey and Armenia in the South; beautiful Azerbaijan in the East and mighty Russia in the North – Georgia is the heaven nestled amidst the Caucasus Range.Kayaking is one of the activities that will pull you towards the nature. So, here is 9 best places for Kayaking In Georgia.

Top Places to Kayak in Georgia

Georgia offers a wide range of waterways to explore kayaking for adventure lovers. You can find scenic coastal areas, lakes, whitewater rapids, etc to match your idea of adventure in Georgia . Kayaking is a really entertaining way to explore the country’s natural beauty. Here are some of the best places to kayaking in Georgia!

1. Mtkvari River

The Mtkvari River is one of the major rivers of Georgia. Since the Soviet Union times the river has been a popular tourist attraction. The river is located in the Javakheti region which is highly forested and has deep river valleys. The paddling section for kayaking starts in Vardzia. The confluence of the Paravani and Mtkvari River is the take-out point and the location of the Khertvisi Fortress. The Fortress belongs to the 10th century and plays an important role in defending the region. It is an amazing sight during the kayaking tour. It has imposing towers and secret tunnels that can be explored while enjoying kayaking.

2. Paravani River

The Paravani River is also one among the best places to go kayaking in Georgia. It has steeps and falls in class 4 whitewater category. It offers 10 km paddling area. It is also located in the Javakheti region. The river belongs to the cave town of Vardzia. The town has a humongous cave network that was built during the 12th century. It has 3000 caves that could contain around 50,000 people. It is home to various kayakers and provides ample opportunities to enjoy adventurous rides.

3. Tskhenistskhali River

The Tskhenistskhali River is located in the lower Svaneti region of Georgia. The land is home to the typical traditional Georgian homes and has some of the most exquisite natural wonders. This reason also houses UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This river has big volume and stretches for 15 km in a Canyon. There are lots of Category 4 and 5 whitewater as well as rapids. This is one of the best places to go kayaking in Georgia that can be enjoyed by the tourists.

4. Kheledura River

The Kheledura River is also located in the Lower Svaneti Region. It is Tskhenistskhali River’s right tributary with a 7 km stretch for kayaking. The river is steep and is a category IV whitewater with medium volume.

5. Rioni River

The Rioni River is one of the best places to go kayaking in Georgia. This is also the legendary river of the country that has different sections for exciting kayaking. The river has class 2 and class 5 kayaking sections. The upper gorge is the most interesting part which stretches for around 50 km. The river is steep and continues as a whitewater kayaking destination.

6. River Mestiachala and River Tsaneri

River Mestiachala and River Tsaneri are located in the Upper Svaneti regions. They are two small rivers passing through Mestia. Mestia is yet another amazing tourist destination that houses some of the oldest remnants of Georgia’s History. Kayaking in these rivers is accompanied with gorgeous views of beautiful canyons and comprises of category 2 and Category 4 white water kayaking waters.

7. Inguri River

The Inguri River is known as the most powerful river of Georgia Country. It is also considered as the most difficult kayaking destination in the Caucasus mountain. From Category 2 whitewater to Category 4 + + White Waters; this river is the perfect site for the adrenaline junkies. The river offers lots of sections that can be explored and all of them are hidden in the breathtakingly beautiful and deep canyons. The river offers lots of places for expert Kayakers and the lower part of the river has really never been explored by many.

8. Mulkhura River

The Mulkhura River starts from the confluence of Tsaneri River and Mestiachala River. It is the right tributary of the Inguri River. The river passes to extremely deep canyons and thus offers vast stretches of category III to category V white Waters. The stretch of 12 km is really exciting and can be covered by the expert kayakers only. This section requires difficult scouting and rope work to be passed.

9. Nenskra River

The Nenskra River is also the right tributary of River Inguri. It is also famous as the most beautiful river of Svaneti Region. It has two interesting stretches that cover lots of category IV and categories IV + Rapids.

Georgia is just like heaven for the kayakers. They can enjoy an amazing camping experience while indulging in the kayaking all across the nation. There are plenty of campgrounds that are available at highly affordable prices. Hostels and other cheap accommodations are also available. There are many local and small restaurants located at all the famous kayaking spots

Why wait? Get a Georgia tour packag from UAE and unleash the adventure junkie in you.

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Reasons To Fall In Love With Singapore

What does the idea of Singapore mean to you?

Does the name make you think of a vibrant, lively and ever-growing island city-state? Or does it conjure up visions of temples, colour and golden beaches? Or perhaps lush, untamed tropical landscapes with abundant wildlife comes to mind? That’s the thing about the Republic of Singapore, it has many sides and much to offer. Not least because it covers 62 smaller islets alongside the main island.

Here are just five reasons to fall in love with Singapore.

Singapore Skyline

Dedicated to delighting visitors

Singapore works hard to make sure its visitors are well looked after, extending the highest possible standards of customer service. Singapore’s Changi airport is regularly recognised as the best in the world (both from industry and consumer bodies). The airport has sleeping areas, a swimming pool, cinema, market food stalls, beauty and reflexology centres, as well as children’s play areas and a nature trail!

The best things come in small packages

This small country packs a mighty punch in its history, landscape and strong national identity, and you can see so much of this without having to travel far.

For example, though Singapore is famous for its stunning architecture and high-end shops, you can still haggle for bargains at timeless local street markets. Also, you could be wandering its bustling city streets, then within a short time move to lounging on vast stretches of flawless sand. It is easy to get around using the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), buses, taxis and water taxis.

Singapore is simply a beach lovers heaven, especially between November and March, when the climate is perfect for swimming, water sports and other activities. However, there are plenty of places to go for privacy and long, solitary walks, too.

All that is modern and marvellous

All around Singapore you can see how visionary architects have used cutting edge creativity to develop the skyline. This is especially true of Marina Bay Sands and Sands Sky Park (nicknamed the “celestial surfboard”) with its awe-inspiring infinity pool views across the city.

Follow this link to research these world-renown developments in more detail.

Meanwhile, at ground level, strict laws and an army of 50,000 staff maintain Singapore’s reputation for having the cleanest streets in the world.

Fabulous food

If all this is not enough to tempt you to book a flight, Singapore has some of the best restaurants and national cuisine of any country. What’s even more tempting is that this diverse and delicious food is also highly affordable.

Such is the wonder of dining out in this country, travel writer Ben Groundwater believes “Food isn’t a reason to visit Singapore – it’s the reason.”

Abundant natural charms

For all the wonders that humankind has brought to Singapore, for many visitors, its primary attraction is a network of islands, places that time forgot.

One of the most popular is Pulau Ubin, which provides a charming window into 1960s Singapore. Sentosa is a well-developed island, including hosting Singapore’s Universal Studios. In sharp contrast, St. John’s Island is a former quarantine station and offers secluded beaches and havens of peace. It’s also a fishing paradise.

To explore Pulau Semakau, which is rich in biodiversity and untamed nature, you have to ask permission of the National Environmental Agency.

Do you fancy spotting seahorses or sharks on a snorkelling adventure? Sisters’ Islands is a popular Marine Park in Singapore.

Clearly, the islands hold adventures and activities, but make sure you use reputable guides and transport. Well thought out travel insurance is a must for any holiday, but particularly if you decide to explore off the beaten track on Singapore’s islands.

Read more about Singapore island adventures with this fascinating guide.

Top 5 Hikes in India

Guest posts are always welcome on my website. This guest post is written by Morgan (mom of two kids); which is about the best hikes in India for visual pleasure. So, not wasting any more time & here is what this guy has to say about top 5 hikes in India.

5 Awesome Hikes to Take in India for Great Views


India offers numerous hiking trails and it’s definitely a paradise for the hikers. From snow-covered mountains to beautiful meadows to gushing streams and waterfalls, India has it all. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore hiker or a backpacker. There are numerous hiking regions with varying level of difficulties. With so many places available, it’s hard to decide which one to go to. We have come up with five awesome hiking place to go where you can have the best time of your life.

Hemkund and Valley of Flowers, Garhwal


At an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level, the valley of flowers is an utter bliss. It’s the perfect place to start your Himalayan hiking journey as it’s one of those rare natural botanical gardens where flowers bloom in every possible color you can imagine. The best time to visit Hemkund is right after the monsoon season, during July, August, and early September, as the valley is covered with snow during the winter. This picture perfect place has the tranquil river Pushpawati flowing in the middle with snow-clad mountains on one side and a tall sky-high cliff on the other.
There are about 520 species of flowering plants and animals such as Himalayan Black bears, Brown bears, birds and butterflies call this place their home. There are many local tales that the trekkers fall unconscious on the valley with the heavy smell of flowers. (Just giving you some heads up)

This place is a paradise for nature and flower lovers. Every year thousands of hikers gather up during the blossom season to witness the extravagant scenario. It’s a moderately difficult hike that takes about 5 to 6 days to compete. Don’t bother taking up foods along as there are plenty of eateries on the way. Just enjoy the scenic sight of snowy mountains and the riot of colors.
Hemkund Valley of Flowers Mark My Adventure

Great lakes, Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir’s divine beauty needs no introduction. The hike at the Great lakes will give you an experience that you’ll cherish forever. As the Mughal Emperor Jahangir once said “If there is Heaven on Earth, it is here”, the ethereal beauty of Kashmir surely does justice to the saying.

The best time to enjoy this astounding place is from June to August when the trekking route is lush green and covered in thousands of blooming flowers. This is quite a challenging trek that takes about 7 to 8 days to complete. The highest altitude is at about 13,750 ft. with an approximate route of 63km long. This hiking experience will not only challenge you physically, but it will also challenge your inner strength.
The hiking trip begins at Shitkati. You’ll experience the true beauty of nature on your way from Shitkati to Sonamarg. The greenery of the place will mesmerize you with every passing minute. The next route will take you from Nachnai Pass to Vishanshar Lake. The Vishashar Lake is a serene beauty that is surrounded by four mountains. Just after 1.2km ahead, another beauty awaits the Kishansar Lake. The maximum altitude is reached at Gadsar Pass, the final destination.
Even though the hike is quite a difficult one, but this expedition will undoubtedly give you heaven on earth experience.

Great Lakes Best Hikes In India

Har Ki Dun Valley, Uttarakhand

Haar ki dun is one of those delightful trekking places that you can experience both during winter and summer. It’s one of the most beautiful valleys in the Western Himalayas. It has an altitude of about 3500m above the sea level. You can access this place through Govind national park which is famous for its rich content of flora and fauna. This valley will give you a vintage feeling with the adjacent snow-covered peaks and alpine vegetation.

This cradle shaped valley has local people who have been living here for around 3000 years. Birds and animals are not abundant in this region but you can spot some black bears, wild boars and few other kinds of animals if your luck favors. Har Ki Dun means the valley of Gods and this valley does live up to its name. There are four villages in this valley named Datmir, Gangad, Puani, and Osla. These villages can be accessed only by trekking. Many streams eventually join the main river is Supin. The divine meadows, wildflowers and the lush green forest create a beautiful sight during the monsoon. During winter the snow covered mountains create a picturesque sight. The whole valley stays covered in snow from the month of December to April.
Har Ki Dun Trek Mark My Adventure

Rajmachi Fort

If you’re upset that you can’t make time for the long hikes then the Rajmachi Fort is the perfect place for you. This beautiful trek is blessed with lush green mountains, countless waterfalls, vast plateaus and many more. It has two forts named Shrivardhan and Manaranjan.  The Rajmachi Fort is situated in between the mesmerizing hills of Sahyadri. Rajmachi fort is one of the most visited hiking places in India. Hikers and nature lovers gather here to witness this ethereal beauty from time to time.

This place has a splendid view especially during the monsoon months of June to August when the mountains are covered in fresh greenery. This is a perfect place for the beginner level hikers. The trekking distance is 16km from Lonavala. However, there are various routes available. From the base village, it takes about one hour to reach the top with few stops for snacks in between. Remember, if you’re hiking during the monsoon be extra cautious as the routes get a bit slippery during this time. The breathtaking view from the base camp to the top will give you an experience of a lifetime.
Rajmachi Trek Mark My Adventure

Stok Kangri, Ladhak

There are many long and short trails in the Leh-Ladhak district. Stok Kangri is the most challenging one you’ll face here and undoubtedly the best trails of all.  This is India’s highest trekking point at a jaw-dropping 6,153 meters, which is about seventy percent of Mount Everest. This trek is no child’s game as it requires rigorous dedication, hard work, and willpower to complete. Weather plays a very vital role in this trek. One minute it can bright and sunny then the next minute it can turn in to blizzard. Most people return without climbing the peak as it gets too dangerous sometimes.
Prior experience and health fitness are prime considerations for this hike. Before the journey starts, you need to get accustomed to the extreme weather of this place. The entire hiking journey will take around 9 to 10 days. The route starts from the Stok village which is so beautiful that it seems to have been taken out of a storybook. The mesmerizing views of Ladakh Range, Zanskar Range, and the city of Leh are an absolute treat for the eyes.
The best time to opt for this expedition is from July to September. Every year hikers from all around the world come to participate in the Stok Kangri Summit. Even if you don’t reach the peak, you’ll surely cherish this divine experience for the rest of your life.

Stok Kangri Mark My Adventure

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Prashar Lake: So Deep, It Touches Your Soul

Prashar lake is one of the most unexplored lakes near Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Prashar lake trek starts from the Baggi village which is around 20 km from Mandi. I’ve been wanting to visit this lake for a year and suddenly in the first week of March, I decided to trek solo.

It was solo travel, but in reality, I wasn’t traveling or trekking solo. There were lots of people I met which never made me feel alone. I thought it was up to me to go down which path, whether to make friends during my journey or choose my own path and enjoy my own moments.

Delhi to Mandi(Prashar Lake)

I took a bus from Kashmiri gate at 6:30 PM on 9 March 2018 which left me at Mandi around 6 AM the next day. The first bus from Mandi to Baggi village leaves at around 8 AM. I took a bus to Shegli immediately which is 4 km from Baggi village. I met a group which was also going to the trek. I walked and hitchhiked to Baggi village.

There were a few cafes at Baggi village where I did my breakfast. Prices were nominal, not so costly. I had a few parathas there and filled up my water bottles.

Prashar Lake Mark My Adventure

Prashar Lake trek from Baggi village:

I started my trek at 10 AM from Baggi village with the group I met on the bus. The trek started from crossing a naala and then walking straight for around a km on the rocky path. Thereafter, I entered the thick dense pine forests. It was so beautiful in between those pine trees and I didn’t meet any other person on the trek except the group which I met on the bus. I found only one source of water in the whole trek. So, it was good that I carried enough water with me. Before one km from the lake, I reached this open area and found some mud houses. It was an amazing feeling to not find a single soul in the range of a km.

After trekking for around 4 hours, I reached this beautiful peaceful lake and it was all worth it. Prashar temple also lies just near the lake and its architecture was awe-inspiring.

Prashar Lake

The lake is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of some large mountains. There is a 360-degree view of mountain ranges from the top area of the lake. Peaks of Triund, Indrahar Pass, Chamba, Hanuman Tibba, Spiti, Kinnaur and some other mountain ranges are visible from the top. There is no other two-day trek which gives such pleasant views within such a short distance.

Camp Site

I had my own sleeping bag with me and I knew that there were dorm rooms available in the temple. I went to the temple and talked to the Pandit Ji about the room and he told me to talk to the caretaker. Caretaker bhaiya showed me the room and gave me a mattress. And man, I swear that was one of the best nights of my life. I could see the lake from my window and it was amazing. After putting my backpack in my room, I went outside and ate some Maggi. I spent my entire evening watching the beautiful sunset and then ate Rajma Chawal and slept.

A local guy told me that there is a beautiful site 2 km from the Parashar lake. I followed the road, took a wrong turn and reached this place and enjoyed this stunning sunset alone.

Random place

Prashar lake to Mandi:

I wanted to go down by bus as I trekked while coming up here. So, I enquired about the bus from the people and took it to reach Mandi at 4:30 PM. Drive from Prashar Lake to Mandi was a treat. The bus went through some muddy path in between the lush green valley which was breathtaking for me. I ate some food at Mandi Bus Stand and took the bus to Delhi which reached at 5 AM.

Some amazing stories about this place

  • Till now, various attempts have been made to find the depth of this lake but no one was successful. Isn’t it astonishing in the 21st century?
  • It is believed that Prashar temple is built in the era of Mahabharata and the lake was created by Bhim’s elbow push.
  • No one is allowed to enter the fencing around the lake except the local people who use this lake as a source of water.
  • It is said that the small island which is in the middle of the lake changes its location with respect to the time of the year.
  • The water of this lake is used for drinking by the local people and it tastes amazing.

Useful Information:

  • Tents are available itself near the Prashar lake at the cost of Rs. 300-500
  • Bus from Mandi to Baggi village leaves at around 8 AM and costs around 50/-
  • There are a few cafes in Baggi village where you can eat and pack your lunch for the trek as there are no shops during the trek.
  • Direct buses also run from Mandi to Prashar lake which is the same bus that goes via Baggi village and reaches Prashar lake at 11 AM. The same bus leaves for Mandi at 1:15 PM and reaches Mandi at 4:30 PM.
  • Temple may also be closed in the month of January and February.
  • Various buses run from Delhi to Mandi in the evening and take around 11-12 hours to reach. The prices of Roadways HRTC bus is 530/-, Himmani Deluxe non-AC is 730/- and Himsuta AC Bus is around 1100/-. Prefer HRTC buses over the private ones.
  • This trek can be done within the budget of 1400-2000 depending on which bus you take and where you stay. I did this trek in 1400/-
  • You can take your tent if you want and camp near the lake.
  • Cost of food is nominal near the lake. Maggi costs 30/- and Rajma Chawal cost 60/-
  • Only Jio and Airtel networks are available at the lake.

Best season to visit:

This trek can be done at any time of the year. In winters, the lake freezes, so for the people who love snow, this lake is a blessing.

In summers, the area around the lake is fully green. This trek should be avoided in the Monsoon season as the trail gets slippery.

Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake temperature:

Temperature goes below -4 degree Celsius in the months of January and February. While in the other seasons, it’s between 10-15 degree Celsius.

Whenever you visit this lake, use water of the lake for drinking over plastic bottles. If you purchase some bottles then please take them to Mandi with you because it’s very hard to transfer all the plastics. Let’s make this beautiful lake pollution free.

This post is written by Mayank Gupta & one can follow his work at

Best Places To Visit In Kerala

Marriages are made in heaven – Right. But honeymoon is always on the best place on Earth. Honeymoon is the period you get to unwind yourself in the company of your soulmate and also the very best moment to know one another. Honeymoon destinations must be romantic, serene, and awe-inspiring. The lovely state of Kerala, specially decorated by the nature, is a fantasy location of honeymooners. From misty mountains to mesmerizing shorelines, along with rich eco-friendly wilderness to palm fringed backwaters, you will find numerous spectacular & this post will take you to some of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Why Kerala?

The Kerala Honeymoon vacations offer the couples a chance to appreciate the combined practical experience of beaches, Ayurveda resorts, backwaters, wild life, hill stations, and much more in a very short span of time. Proximity of experiences that are different can make the traveling even more comfortable. I’ve mentioned few of the very best honeymoon destinations in Kerala that can accumulate romance to the love life of yours. You might choose mutually acceptable locations and also design the journey of yours ahead of time.

Mesmerizing Kerala Mark My Adventure

Munnar – Feel the Romance on the Dream Land

Popularly referred to as the ‘Kashmir on the South‘, Munnar is an ideal honeymoon location. This great environmental friendly paradise is situated with the confluence of 3 mountain streams and therefore received the name’ Munnar’, that actually means’ 3 rivers’. This spectacular location is dotted with countless stretches of tea plantations, valleys, mountains, waterfalls and lakes. A rare floral “Neela Kurinji” blossoms here once in 12 years creating the valley an azure paradise and you can witness this if you are here during 2018 as it is the blooming year. Apart from enjoying the unparalleled beauty of nature, the couples can indulge in a plethora of recreation activities such as trekking, cycling, fishing, paragliding, paddle boating and natural walk.


Located at 1,600 m above sea level within the Idukki district of Kerala, Munnar is at 110 km from Ernakulam railway station and 130 km from Cochin overseas terminal. The secret spells encircle you immediately on reaching this place and also help you move to a fantasy world of romance. You are able to enjoy the crazy existence within the Eravikulam National Park, scream aloud in the Echo Point, savor the breath taking attractiveness of Mattuppetty dam, sip a great cup of tea from a little tea store down the tea gardens or even loosen up at the homely conveniences of the magnificent resorts. The nice climate, breath taking scenic views as well as the mesmerizing fragrance of tea and also spices dispersed through the great mountain breeze force Munnar as the pinnacle among the places in Kerala and impart an unforgettable experience for honeymooners and other travelers.


Thekkady – Nature Lover ‘s Ecstasy

Thekkady, centrally located within the Idukki district of Kerala, is among the famous honeymoon places of Kerala and a great spot for couples that like adventure, wildlife, and nature. It’s the home of the prominent Periyar National Park, in which you are able to have the unique experience of seeing wildlife from closer proximity while having an enthralling motorboat ride. Sight of tigers, lion-tailed monkeys, boars, deer, bison, as well as herds of elephants originating down to edge of the lake will provide you a thrilling experience.

Located at 114 km from Kottayam railway station and 145 km from Cochin overseas terminal, Thekkady awaits you with an assortment of activities. You can go trekking in Kurisumala and Kumily; a nature walk from the unending chains of cardamom, pepper, tea and coffee plantations; and also sense the thrill of a memorable elephant safari via the wilderness. There are many luxury hotels and resorts which offer stylish accommodation, privacy and food for the honeymooners. You can have a stroll to the nearest city Kumily to shop spice, clothes and handicrafts. The tranquil and spice scented plantations, soothing climate, calm atmosphere as well as the sensational spell of wilderness can make Thekkady one of the preferred Kerala places to see with the soul mate of yours.

Alleppey – the Hub of Kerala Backwaters

A honeymoon trip to Kerala is going to be incomplete if you don’t enjoy a wonderful cruise on Alleppey backwaters and an overnight stay in a magnificent houseboat. Alleppey (the present Alappuzha), encompassed by a great community of palm-fringed backwaters, canals and lagoons, and also blessed with the natural beauty, has acquired the name’ Venice of East’. During an enchanting houseboat cruise down the tranquil backwaters within the Vembanad Lake, you are able to appreciate the picturesque landscaping, uncommon perspective of paddy areas below the water levels. House boats are floating palaces with good amenities like air conditioning, privacy, food and television.

Backwaters in Kerala

Alappuzha is nicely connected from various regions of the nation by air and rail. Cochin international airport is just eighty five km from Alappuzha. Alappuzha is renowned for coir industry, marine products, prawn farming and banana crops. Should you be there for the duration of Onam festival, you are able to enjoy the famous Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race kept inside the Punnamada Lake, which is the main tourist attraction. With over thousand traditional Houseboats, the spectacular backwaters of Alleppey exhilarate a huge number of honeymooners and nature lovers from around the globe. With their distinctive backwater way of life and abundance of organic beauty, Alleppey is now among the very best Kerala places to go to for all the newlyweds and travel freaks.

Kochi – History, and Culture Romance

Kochi, the business hub of Kerala, in which past has left the footprints of the British, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese as well as Arabs, is among the famous honeymoon destinations in India. Compared to other well-known Chinese sport fishing hubs, this particular place – “Queen on the Arabian Sea” will enchant you with the striking beauty of its, thrilling backwaters, peaceful islands, interesting shorelines, swaying palm forests, soothing climate and picturesque sceneries. You will find several ‘never to miss’ tourist attractions like the popular Marine Drive, Jewish Synagogue, Cherai Beach, Kochi Fort, Santa Cruz Cathedral, Bolgatty Island, along with many more.

Beach In Kerala

Only a couple of kilometers off the Marine Drive will be the lovely Bolgatty Island, that is famous for the renowned Bolgatty Palace developed by the Dutch traders, Bolgatty Island Resorts, Kochi International Marina and also the Bolgatty Event Centre. The beautiful and luxurious Bolgatty Island Resort, having its peaceful ambiance created with the rejuvenating greenery of the island flanked by the peaceful Vembanad Lake, is popularly recognized as’ Honeymooner’s paradise’. You are able to have a fantastic shopping experience at Jew Street, Broadway, and Marine Drive and purchase enticing antique products, bamboo canes, carving things and numerous decorative handicrafts. The architectural and cultural wonders, romantic scent and freshness of the environment make Kochi top the list of the best suited Kerala places to go to for and gives an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Kovalam – Add Liveliness to the Love Life

Kovalam, with 3 adjacent spectacular beaches, located at approximately sixteen km from Trivandrum, is a renown seaside destination, and one of the most sought after Kerala places to visit for honeymoons and tourists. Among the 3 crescent-shaped superficial beaches, a Light home beach is probably the most common. Couples can indulge in various activities at Kovalam. You can wander on the gentle stretches of softy sand shores, enjoy a rejuvenating sunbath, swim within the short beach, watch a spectacular sun set and enjoy varieties of scrumptious ocean foods. You are able to indulge in several daring sports such as kayaking, surfing or waterskiing. Relaxing with the life partner under the great cover from the sun in palm forests, listening to the rhythm of waves will give some enthralling occasions of solitude.

Kovalam is located at 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram railway station and 10 km from Trivandrum international terminal. Comfortable hotels as well as resorts for couples are available in Kovalam, beginning from pocket-friendly to luxury. Facilities such as Ayurveda massage centers, swimming pools, Yoga resorts, shopping zones and meeting amenities are on hand within the seaside complex. You are able to do shopping and also buy products like handicrafts, teak wood and rosewood statues. With their romantic surrounding, exotic beauty and tranquility, Kovalam consistently beckons couples for an interesting honeymoon experience.

Waterfalls in Kerala

Poovar Island – the Floating Cottages Beckon You

In case you’re longing for a honeymoon with a distinctive stay inside a solitary haven, peaceful and undisturbed, Poovar might be the best choice. Located approximately 30 km from Trivandrum, Poovar is a breathtakingly beautiful island, pristine and unexplored. Poovar is an all natural wonder with an exceptional congregation of ocean, river, beach and lake with the farm land. Famous because of its original beauty together with the whispering waves of the great Arabian ocean, peaceful backwaters, limitless stretch of mesmerizing golden sand seaside, stunning sunsets and swaying coconut farms, Poovar is unquestionably among the best of Kerala places to go to for the romantic vacation.

Poovar is a fishing village and there aren’t many things to do in poovar island like any water sports or beach activities. You will find some magnificent resorts and many small lodges that fit your budget and tastes. Staying in floating cottages supplied by the resorts will provide you a distinctive experience. These eco-friendly cottages with thatched roofs, and also draperies made from organic plants provide refreshing moments and also make sure fascinating scenic views. You are able to enjoy an unforgettable backwater cruise in a small canoe or a huge deluxe houseboat, revitalize with an Ayurvedic massage or even walk through the nearby fishing villages. Trivandrum to Poovar Island is less than an hour journey by boat. Never ever miss it; it is going to give you sweet memories for the lifetime.

The incredible Kerala has many more places to see together with your soul mate. They’ve a mesmerizing spell which takes you to much more romantic moods. Romance is there in the air; come here and breathe it!

Things To Do In Singapore

Parks are the sign of natural green beauty which is the actual beauty as it provides fruitful things to nature and to human beings like pure oxygen to breathe and shade from harsh sun of summers.Singapore is known for its parks and chocolates mainly. The best parks in Singapore for families and children provide a green tree and plants so as everybody can enjoy. They also have some actions which are made mainly for children like a little playground. Here is the list of things to do in Singapore .

1. Gardens by the Bay

Spreading along 101 hectares, the Gardens by the Bay is divided into 3 parts mainly –
Bay south, Bay East, Bay central. Bay South is the largest which comprises of 54
hectares. The main aim of the garden artistry is to bring the world of plants to Singapore
and hence present Singapore to the world. The entry to the garden is free but the entry to
domes is chargeable.

Gardens By The Bay Singapore

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic gardens first opened in 1859 and hence was one of the oldest
gardens in the country. One of the most important orchid research and breeding centers
in the world, this place is home to over 10,000 species. The entry to park is free and the
park is opened from 5 am to 12 am.

Botanical Garden Mark My Adenture

3. East Coast Park

East Coast Park is the largest park in the country of Singapore, covering nearly two
square kilometers of area. They also offer barbecue pit rentals which can be booked in

East Coast Park Things To Do In Singapore

4.  natural reserve

Bukit Timah natural reserve is the largest a

nd oldest reserve in Singapore. 40 percent of
Singapore’s flora and fauna have a home here in this natural reserve. The park is also
crowned Singapore’s highest peak and several winding forest trails.

The theme adds on the creativity and whole new level of excitement and fun to a certain place,Singapore didn’t forget to take car

e of your interests and to keep you energetic it has various theme parks. Have a look at some of them:

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

5. Haw Par Villa

Its built on Chinese mythology, and has various statues and figures depicting stories of
Monkey god, Lady white snake, fearless hero Wu Song. The park also has the statue of
Laughing Buddha epitome of happiness, wealth, and long life.

How Par villa

6. Universal Studios Singapore

Its recently opened and has 7 different themes within it based on all major hit movies.
All the sections include rides and shows to keep the visitors entertained, the Hollywood
section is mainly a shopping centre, New York-based site where you can click selfies
with the legends such as ‘Charlie Chaplin’ and ‘Marilyn Monroe’. Moving further the
Sci-fi city consists world’s largest rollercoaster, Ancient Egypt has true ancient Egypt
aura, where you can experience ‘Revenge of the mummy’ Ride. The Lost World is based
on Jurassic Park and Water world, and for Shrek-fans, Far-Far- Away is the appropriate
place having a beautiful castle and Shrek Swamp. Last but not the least you reach
Madagascar, the place that guarantees a smile on your face and joy in your hearts, you
will love the indoor boat rides.

Basic facts from Universal Studios:

  • Many food outlets and shopping centers to purchase T-shirts and key rings and many
    more Universal Studios Goodies.
  • Free storage lockers to keep your extra clothes and other essentials.
  • Carry umbrella and Raincoats, after all its Singapore.
  • It’s a total fun place for couples and families avoid weekends as they are most crowded.

Universal Studios is one of the most popular theme parks

Universal Studio Singapore


Ajanta & Ellora Caves

A visit to the world heritage site “Ajanta & Ellora caves” at Aurangabad, Maharashtra was truly a beginning for me. A beginning to a search that led to a lot of other interesting findings/thought processes, leaving me more inquisitive than ever.


Consisting of 30 rock cut caves, Ajanta was built over a period of 900 years (2 B.C to 6 A.D). Mammoth excavations were turned to fine carvings of exceptional Buddhist sculptures and what the Archaeological Survey of India states “the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting”. It is believed that Buddhism flourished at the time Ajanta caves were built and hence the caves built during the reign of different Buddhist rulers showcase various stories of the ‘enlightened one’ and selected portions of Jataka tales. The unique paintings on the cave walls, some of which has the modern day “3D” effect, makes one ponder in utter amazement at the vast knowledge of craftsmanship and artistry that their creators possessed thousands of years ago.


Dazzling in its glory on having depicted marvelous sculptures from three different religions viz. the Buddhism, the Hinduism and the Jainism, the Ellora caves too is a spectacular piece of art.

Ajant & Ellora Caves Mark My Adventure

These sculptures also bring forth a lot of facets from the bygone era which are a real treasure and evoke lot of quest around them. For instance, the sculpture that shows Ravana, the king of Srilanka whisking away Sita in the so called “Puskpak Vimana”. Now this ‘pushpak vimana’ looks exactly like the present day ‘jetpack‘ in its features, size, etc. Did Ravana have a jet pack in those times and did he use the same which people back then knew about and we don’t? Well, I was so intrigued by this that I thoroughly searched the net and here’s what I found:

All the dexterously sculpted pieces of art had story in them. Did the artists of these caves know the real stories behind several myths, worn out versions of which are left for us today?

With so many small little pathways within the caves having dead ends and spots of ventilation (big holes on the ground) all across, could there have been an underground habitation also?

This was also something that caught my deep attention.

It’s said that many Muslim rulers including Aurangzeb had sent huge number of soldiers to destroy the sculptures of Ellora caves, trying as hard as they could, they could do little harm to certain structures, unable to make a dent on the rest.

If humans couldn’t destroy even half of what was built, were these structures created by humans at all? If yes, one can only imagine what would have been their built and stamina.

For so many years, Indians as well as foreigners have been exploring the caves in search of answers. Many of them keep coming to these caves repeatedly, each time discovering something new.

For me, I had sneaked out of the ‘maximum city’ with the desire to visit these exceptional creations, to bask in the glory of the past and unravel some historical stories. I did that and much more.

As one stands in awe at one of the ancient hallmarks of artistic excellence, under the clear blue sky of Aurangabad, few questions remain unanswered. Now I know why so many travellers visit this National heritage site multiple times. I wish to go back again soon to find out more.

Following is the line which is perfect for this situation.

Ruins for me are the beginning. With the debris, you can construct new ideas. They are symbols of a beginning.”

-Anselm Kiefer


The post is written by Puja Roy; she loves to travel to historical sites and write about her experiences and revelations. An avid reader of history herself, she also blogs at

New Zealand: A Place To Experience Finest Adventures

New Zealand is always one destination which is looked by world to provide some mind blowing experiences. It is dream destination for some. Here is the detail of write up provided by New Zealand tourism board. The below content is provided by them. I am posting this as a guest post after the confirmation from the board.

For the third time in a row, New Zealand has won the award for the Best International Destination for Adventure at the Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards 2017. It is the fifth time that the country has been presented with the prestigious award, making it a constant favorite among magazine readers. The event was held in Mumbai on 25th May and the award was received by Ms. Neha Bhola, Country Manager India on behalf of the India team.

Speaking about the award, Steven Dixon, Regional ManagerSouth and South East Asia, Tourism New Zealand, said, “To continue to receive such positive endorsements from the Lonely Planet audience confirms that Indian travellers have a strong preference for the variety of adventure experiences New Zealand offers”.

He added, “Latest international arrival figures show a total of 53,792 Indian travellers visited New Zealand for the year ending April 2017. With a 14.6% increase over the last year, India is an extremely important market for New Zealand and a key contributor to our tourism sector.”

New Zealand Best Adventure Destination


New Zealand is a popular choice due to the extensive range of nature-based and thrill-seeking activities throughout the country. The activities include skydiving, bungy jumping, scenic flights, hiking, canoeing, scuba diving, surfing, glacier walking and jet-boating.

Additional Information

Tourism New Zealand markets New Zealand to the world as a visitor destination. In the year ending April 2017, 3.6 million international visitors arrived in New Zealand: an increase of 9.9% on the previous year. International tourism is New Zealand’s largest earner of foreign exchange, pumping over $14.5 billion into the economy and directly employing over 188,000 people.

Visa procedure: One may forward their application to the TT office in Mumbai or Delhi, which will then be directed to Immigration New Zealand. A visitor visa for New Zealand is processed within 15 working days.

Airline connections: Connecting flights to New Zealand are available on Singapore Airlines/Air New Zealand, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines with stop-overs in their respective hubs.  New Zealand’s international gateways are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

Domestic services: You can fly between all New Zealand cities and most major towns using domestic air services. Air New Zealand and Jetstar are the main providers. Their services are complemented by regional airlines, charter companies and scenic flight operators.

For more information, kindly check: