Lessons From Kunal Shah’s Interview With Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is a famous YouTuber from India. He is famous for carrying out interviews with some of the well-known names within the Indian ecosystem. He has two channels “The Ranveer Show” & Beer Biceps. I personally like beer biceps more & his interview with Kunal Shah was the best. Kunal Shah is a giant in the Indian startup world. He founded freecharge that was later acquired by SnapDeal & currently building a credit card payment app via Cred. Kunal Shah is very outspoken & extremely well-read personal. His detailed outlook on various subjects is among a few characteristics that shall be taken note of. This interview of Kunal Shah with Ranveer is extremely detailed & effective. So If one wants to learn anything about a start-up or about the future should listen to this conversation once.

Here are the top points from this interview:

  • Become curious: Being curious can change your life. Try to be curious about certain things & then dive deep into them. Becoming curious can help one to develop interests, & it is hard to beat people who have developed an interest in any subject.

  • Business is a journey of constant iterations. A constant process of finding what people want & will they pay money for that. Most of the startups fail to deliver this fundamental point & iteration is one of the steps that will help you reach that pinnacle.

  • Application of ideas is lacking in India: India is a country of safe bets, people are not appreciated for taking a risk & this may be because of the hardships of the past. Ideas & going away from the traditional routes are highly criticized & which is why innovation is very slow here. .

  • India in 2060 will either be extremely bright or dark:

  • The world’s useless jobs are shifting to poor countries: Useless jobs of the world, are shifting to the poor countries. As rich countries value time more they are looking to utilize the extra time to develop & innovate.

  • Most of us are job seekers: Seeking a job is the first thing we are told & we are not innovating this place will burst with unemployment. As most of the jobs in the future will be mechanized & we don’t have infra to support such high unemployment rates.

  • No of financially independent women are decreasing rapidly: This is a scary part of growing India, as the lesser, the women working or financially dependent will create an unequal society.

  • India playing a game of capitalism but having the blood of socialism.

  • India is a status-driven society & not wealth driven society (crab story) & respect: The only thing India is great & feel great about is their ego, everyone has the ego of something, color, money, caste & they will force their way on the ones lower than that. India plays a status game & the status game is short term game & people should play a long term game to win & to be successful.

  • Nobody is interested in the future & everyone is celebrating the past: Although we have a rich past we are still stuck with it, we are building statues & temples rather than spending on free education, basic infrastructure, or future research. Any country that refuses to invest in the future usually gets doomed.

  • Nations super obsessed about their past are delusional about their future:

  • Covid is a catalyst to the future:

  • When countries become emotionally charged, one can never know what outcome it will create: India is an emotionally driven country & if a group of people decides to do something the outcome can get very bleak. With the rise of uneducated social media use & fake news, we are sitting on a ticking bomb.

  • Indian is conflicted between very few people who think we are in Singapore & the rest of the country feels like Africa: The difference between the rich & the poor is growing & specially during covid when the country was in the lockdown the gap is expected to widen.

  • One has to constantly up the game to stay in the game:

  • It is not cool to be entrepreneurs: India doesn’t celebrate failures, everyone wants to be stable & safe & people are not appreciated for trying new things. While trying any new thing, the chance of failure is high, yet it is necessary to try it, just to find some new avenues & the feel of achieving something remarkable.

  • We fundamentally have wrong role models: We society believes in a facade & the person who is top on the list are actors, cricketers, we celebrate them & hence to mock them is the easiest things. While entrepreneurs hunt in silence & in hardship while following it is not for the weak stomach. So, if we celebrate entrepreneurs, we can shift this momentum.

  • Whenever one finds the flaw in people & people blame it on the external factor, they are not reflecting on the problem:

  • Until we ask tough questions, we are not going to get better:

  • Our opinion is of a group & we don’t appreciate; if one is alone:

  • It is difficult to find individuality without being an explorer:

  • Some professions are fundamentally limited to only a few people:

  • Any country that has not experienced the Industrial Revolution doesn’t understand the value of time: Western countries realized the value of time early & they dedicated the time to build something great. Value of time is the main difference between poor or rich nations.

  • If 90% of your time is spent with a smarter mind, you will become smart:

  • Everyone has 24 hours & it depends, what you do with your 24 hours.

  • These are just small pieces of information to get you started. There are lots of gems to learn from this interview of Kunal Shah & probably a real eye-opener. There are limited opportunities to win in life & this interview will help you to align your efforts in that direction.

    Dubai Travel Guide for First Time Travelers

    Dubai is a destination like no other in the world, with a cornucopia of the globally renowned iconic spots, high-end accommodation choices, various dining venues and heaps of leisure and recreational choices. So heading to Dubai for first ever time? We’ve put together here a resourceful Dubai travel guide which lets you get the best out of your debut trip. Now even if you’re a lifelong Dubai patron, you’ll find the tips and suggestions included in this post useful. A Dubai Travel guide for the first timers.

    Before You Travel:

    1: Know when to visit Dubai:

    This step is crucial. One of the iconic times to trip Dubai is in winter season, mainly during Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Dubai Shopping Festival. But these are also the times when the city gets exceedingly busy and packed. So don’t expect to pack your bag last moment and head off here during these months. Instead, take enough time for planning and book your accommodation, transfers, and sightseeing tours in advance; this guarantees you hassle-free travel with maximum savings.

    Want to see Dubai when it’s almost empty or least crowded? Travel here in the summer months of July and August, but dare a visit in this period only if you can forego its outdoors where the desert heat is at its searing peak. That said, it comes with several bonuses with exceptional low-cost accommodations, discount shopping, exciting events, and oodles of coolest of its kind indoor attractions such as Ski Dubai (inside Mall of the Emirates), Dubai Ice Rink, Chill Out Lounge etc. And of course, how could we miss out Snow Cinema – the region’s first theater in the snow.

    2: Get all visa procedures right:

    Once you decide when to visit Dubai, the foremost of inevitable things is to apply for the right Dubai visa. But you don’t have to stress over it if you’re allowed for visa-on-arrival or visa-free travel which however is reserved for certain nationalities from American, European and Far-East countries only. For all other nationalities, prior application of Dubai or UAE visa is a strict mandate. So if you’re not permissible for any sort of visa exemption, make application for the approval of your Dubai visa much before your travel date. Subject to the intend and extent of Dubai visit, select from short term, long term or multiple-entry visa.

    3: Take care of OTB too:

    This is a pre-flight requirement for those flying to Dubai from some South Asian destinations. Don’t take this procedure as menial; your airline service provider has the complete right to stop you from boarding the flight in the absence of OTB or Ok to Board.

    4: Know Dubai’s local rules and regulations:

    Yes, it’s important have a basic know-how about significant Dubai customs, so that you could avoid some embarrassing hiccups.

  • Dubai’s culture and traditions are all embedded in strong Islamic beliefs; so don’t attempt to exhibit any kind of PDAs here.
  • Wear relaxed modest clothing; it’s especially a must when you’re in public places like malls, beaches etc, and while visiting religious or cultural places of interest.
  • With ample photo ops available all over the city, make sure that you take prior permission to click pictures of certain Dubai landmarks in the form of government structures. The same is also applicable when you capture images of local Emiratis including women.
  • Don’t eat or drink in public during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Be careful as fine is imposed for drunk driving, smoking in public etc.

  • Accommodation

    From the most high-end, extravagant and premium to mid-range, low-key and super affordable ones, there is surely no scarce of hotels anywhere in Dubai. After all, the city hosts the world’s only seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab, the imperial style Atlantis, The Palm, and the one-of-its-kind desert retreat in the form of Bab Al Shams. So the catch is to determine your priorities before you zero in on an accommodation in the city, such as how luxurious it should be, where it should be located, and what comforts or facilities it offers.

    Getting Around In Dubai

    RTA or Road and Transport Authority is Dubai’s main transport agency. It operates diverse modes of transport across road, rail and water. They are well integrated, immaculately kept, and come with an extensive route covering almost all parts of Dubai, starting from your first port of entry at Dubai International Airport. Purchase a smart NOL card to make payment for all these transport options.

    Dubai Taxi is the most flexible (though a bit expensive) for those who want to avoid waiting time, while Dubai Metro is the fastest, swiftest, cheapest and obviously, the most convenient of all; it’s driverless and entirely automated, making it an a absolute must-experience at least once in your lifetime. Apart from above, there are also reliable private vehicles which you can hire with or without vehicle. But for those who wish to be in the driver’s seat should essentially carry an international driving license.


    Diversity is what make Dubai’s dining scene distinctly special, with nationalities of over 200 countries harmoniously living here. In fact, it’s not just the authentic local specialties but the signature dishes of different parts of the world that await you here. That apart, gourmands get to enjoy dining venues that appease every whim and budget. So no matter you wish to browse across the region’s street foods or want to step your foot into a Michelin-starred or the dreamiest ever spot facing sea or the iconic landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Burj Al Arab etc, Dubai boasts of everything to satiate the foodie in you.


    Dubai has one of the world’s best shopping scenes, courtesy to its more than 70 stylish shopping malls, several authentic Arabian souks, and myriad of bargain flea markets. So it’s not a wonder why people descend here in droves just to hit its major shopping destinations. Serious shoppers can even go on an exclusive tour that takes them through a customized shopping trail covering all their beloved picks.

    Events, Shows And Seasonal Attractions

    Day or night, winter or summer, peak or off-season – Dubai dazzles year-round with its endless amount of live shows, brilliant performances, and cool events that take place all through the year. Surely, the city’s high-spirited entertainment scene bowls over all, right from the smaller kids and families to artists, imaginative, and even hipsters. La Perle by Dragone is a hit among those who adore heart-racing Cirque du Soleil kind of shows, while the endearing Dolphin and Seal is a sure-fire entertainer for all age groups, especially the younger ones. And not forgetting the region’s many seasonal events, activities etc that take Dubai’s dynamic vigor and vibrancy to next level; Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), Global Village, Dubai Glow Garden, and Dubai Miracle Garden are unmissable among them.

    Top Neighborhoods & Best Attractions

    Instead of randomly listing out top attractions and activities, we thought that we would edify you about Dubai’s top neighborhoods and best highlights that each of them holds.

    Downtown Dubai:

    This 500-acre neighborhood in the heart of Dubai is the hub of modernity and sophistication! Some of its top sights are the best not only in Dubai but in the entire world itself. Yes, you can expect to see here the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa, the biggest of its kind Dubai Mall, and the exquisite ever Dubai Fountain show, among others.

    Palm Jumeirah:

    This posh district is the perfect embodiment of Dubai’s unequaled ability and extraordinary vision to create wonders out of mere sands. Hailed as the world’s most stunning island, this man-made majesty will blow you away with its intricate design resembling a huge palm tree. It’s a dream spot for anyone craving for an island hideaway accentuated by the most stylish accommodations, elegant dining spots by water, and a heavy repertoire of leisure and recreation attractions. Not of miss here are Atlantis, The Palm Resort, Aquaventure Water Park, the scenic Boardwalk, monorail ride, and of course the lately unveiled Palm Fountain – the world’s largest fountain.


    Not to confuse this district with Palm Jumeirah. The major drawcard is its beachside location rich in stunning architectures and vivacious lifestyle. The top sight is Burj Al Arab, remarkable for its breathtaking sail shape and of course the premium comforts that make it the world’s only seven-star hotel. The spotless Jumeirah Beach, the timeless Jumeirah Mosque, eclectic Wild Wadi Water Park, the mesmeric Madinat Jumeirah, and the vivacious La Mer with Laguna Water Park are all part of this neighborhood.

    Bluewaters Island:

    The up and coming waterfront neighborhood has already grabbed the world’s attention for its many groundbreaking attractions, mainly Ain Dubai – the world’s largest observation wheel, Madame Tussauds Museum – the first of its kind in the Middle East, and obviously Rotunda Dubai and other attractions that encompass the Caesars Palace property.

    Old Dubai:

    Expect to see charming sandstone structures and cool architectures lost in time as you step into this location spread over Bur Dubai, Deira and Dubai Creek areas. A stroll across Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, an abra ride across Dubai Creek, and checking out its traditional souks such as Gold Souk and Spice Souk all give you a feel of being in real old Arabia. And they should be best seen once the sun goes down and when the fusion of lighted of old and new sights creates a spectacle like no other. One of the best ways to admire this is via a dinner dhow cruise at Dubai Creek.

    Dubai’s Desert:

    Just a few minutes’ drive away from mainstream Dubai, its desert landscape appears to be a whole new world with its oceans of golden sands and raw wilderness. Get introduced to this unscathed side of the city on a desert safari Dubai. From 4X4 dune bash, camel ride and sandboarding to henna tattooing, Shisha smoking, Tanura and belly dance show, it promises fun, thrill, culture, traditions and entertainment in right measure. BBQ dining is included in most evening and overnight desert safaris.


    So those were our top recommendations for your first trip to Dubai. And we assume that this guide will help you to design your own Dubai itinerary without any hassle.

    Handy Resources:

    Below are the few resources you should check before making an itinerary.

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    Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

    Couchsurfing: Best place to find free accommodation. It is as easy as filtering people & messaging. If you will get lucky you will find free accommodation in local resident house.

    Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.

    A trip is incomplete without the pics.Buy an iphone to click some breath taking pics. Apart from a phone camera, I use GoPro an adventure camera to shoot video & click high definition photos. The product is pretty handy & captures mind blogging videos. GoPro is easy & handy to use, which makes it a must buy. So, these are my trip essentials.

    Best Places Near Jabalpur

    Jabalpur is one of the well-developed places in Madhya Pradesh & also among the few which are developed. A small-town city, still crawling to find some fast-paced life, like big cities. The place has been blessed by the nomad culture, which is eventually helping it too grow. Enough about the city amenities. What about the places near Jabalpur?. There are a few good options to choose from. So, if one is living in Jabalpur & looking for some good options to relish, can opt for the following options. All these places are around 200 Km from the city & can be fruitful for an outing or a long drive.

    Bhedhaghat Waterfall Mark My Adventure


    Bhedhaghat is the nearest to all the places near Jabalpur. Bhedhaghat is known for the waterfall & Marble rocks. The waterfall is located on the Narmada river. Its stature is very minute compared to some of the well-known waterfall, yet it is beautiful to watch. Another attraction is marble rocks, a boat ride through the marbles is one of the most pleasing & calming things one can do. Huge cliffs surround the river & thus is very calming & quiet. This can be one of the best half-day trips.

    Mandla Kanha National Park Main Road

    Kanha National Park

    Kanha National Park is one of the few places where one can enjoy the natural habitat of the Tiger. The place is awesome for nature enthusiasts. The natural abode of animals is worth enjoying & if one is lucky enough to watch Tiger; it is the icing on the cake. The place is well maintained & a trip for a couple of days is a must.

    Maihar Mark My Adventure


    Maihar is a place with a mythological history. It is said that God Shiva was carrying the dead body of Sati & her necklace falls on this place hence the name. Maihar is known for its temple & each year thousands of people visit this place for some blessing. Many other fascinating mythological tales are surrounding the temple are worth listening to.

    Bandhavgarh Travel


    Bandhavgarh National park is another park famous for Tiger spotting. Bandhavgarh is having one of the highest density of tiger & thus there are high chances of spotting a tiger in its natural abode. A trip to the national park is always exciting because of the uncertainty of the next moment. All the national parks shall be booked online from the government portal & it is highly recommended to book the tour before visiting the place. As only limited vehicles are allowed in the region & after reaching the place & not having tickets for entry will be disheartening.

    These are some of the best places near Jabalpur. The best time to roam around Jabalpur is winters. As the temperature is reasonable at this time & one can easily enjoy outdoor activities. Enjoying the sunshine in winters is among the most pleasurable things to enjoy during winters. So, if one is near Jabalpur & looking for some of the places to explore then these can be great options to choose from.

    Handy Resources:

    Below are a few resources you should check before making an itinerary.

    Cheap Internation Flights: Best place to find cheap international flight tickets.

    Best Deals On Hotels: Places to find best deals on hotels.

    Amazon: Best place for all your needs. Also, find best travel accessories.

    Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

    Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

    Jetradar: Jetradar is a comparing site which is just like Skyscanner. But, is much more accurate & much more handy in use.

    Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

    Couchsurfing: Best place to find free accommodation. It is as easy as filtering people & messaging. If you will get lucky you will find free accommodation in local resident house.

    Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.

    Is Bhedhaghat Worth Visiting?

    Bhedhaghat gives a sense of ancient place the area, is hardly developed & have lots of glimpse of the undeveloped portion. Bhedhaghat main attractions are limited to the Dhuandhar waterfall & marble rocks. So, how is the place & is Bhedhaghat is worth visiting to? These questions are meant to rise & considering people zeal to visit new places this can be an interesting topic to write upon for those who are looking for travel options.

    Bhedhaghat is a very small town near Jabalpur which is the only major city near the town. One can reach Jabalpur from any part of India because of a very well connected rail network.

    First Impression Of Bhedhaghat:

    Following the national highway towards Nagpur, there is a diversion towards the right which will take you one step closure to the destination. The way from the national highway to the entrance of the village is still under construction (the year 2020) & hence one can witness few bumps during the road. After taking a right cut to the village, a single lane narrow road will maneuver one to the main entry point. One can experience a few bumps en route to the parking location. From parking, one has to walk towards the waterfall. The way to the waterfall is surrounded by shops, on either side & after some 1 Km from parking, one can sense the voice of dropping water. A sense of excitement will grapple one’s mind & heart. The water is not thunderous for a waterfall, yet feels threatening at some time. There is not an option to enjoy the waterfall from the bottom of it, but a facility is available to enjoy it from the top. It is one of the pleasant sites to enjoy, the sound of water & calmness with which it flows after cutting through the marble rocks. It is amazing to see the stillness of a river before reaching the inception point & then calming again. A unique formation to watch for sure. There are few points before the waterfall where one can enjoy a dip in the river.

    The second attraction of Bhedhaghat is boating in the Narmada River through marble rocks. Naturally cut marble rocks are one of the best sites to enjoy & some of the famous Bollywood movies have shot some shots here. A boat will carry people through the different parts of marble rocks & some of which are beautiful to watch. During the different sections of boating, one can experience different colors of marbles in their natural form, the site has been managed well by the caretakers & it is always a pleasure to witness an unadulterated site. Boating will give a calming feeling amid the nature & for once a person can forget about the outside noise.

    Was It Worth Visiting Bhedhaghat?

    Bhedhaghat is some 100 Km from the place I reside & during covid times when there are no options available this seems to be an obvious choice to roam. Surprisingly, the place is a decent one & a half-day tour is more than enough to cover both these points. For a person who is staying nearby & looking for some change of view can surely visit this place. But, I feel one will not enjoy going there again & again. The place is good for a couple of times but not more than that.

    So, will I recommend visiting Bhedhaghat? I wouldn’t if you are specially coming only for this. There are many other places where one can enjoy a good outing. Bhedhaghat is one of those places, where one can have a decent outing if one is staying in a nearby city & wants to have a day off among the river, which is a nice way to relax & enjoy nature.

    Handy Resources:

    Below are a few resources you should check before making an itinerary.

    Cheap Internation Flights: Best place to find cheap international flight tickets.

    Best Deals On Hotels: Places to find best deals on hotels.

    Amazon: Best place for all your needs. Also, find best travel accessories.

    Agoda: Best place to book hotels of your liking. Agoda provides the best solution & great offer while booking a hotel.

    Skyscanner: Skyscanner compares various sites & sort the flights based on the rates. A great way to check flight cost. Although the only drawback is that rates are flexible. Hence, the cost might change while you are making the payment.

    Jetradar: Jetradar is a comparing site which is just like Skyscanner. But, is much more accurate & much more handy in use.

    Booking: Best place to book hostel rooms. There are plenty of options available & with so many properties booking becomes much easier.

    Couchsurfing: Best place to find free accommodation. It is as easy as filtering people & messaging. If you will get lucky you will find free accommodation in local resident house.

    Travel Insurance: There are numerous options available to get one. So, you can choose anything which suits your requirement. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before buying one.

    Stop Living, As If You Will Live Forever

    Follow your passion, get a life, you will only live once & many other such motivational quotes inspire every ounce of our blood every now & then. These words of wisdom help us to rise from the ashes & help us in performing best. Motivation is never a problem nowdays, especially with the rise of social media as more & more people have access to the internet & can get motivated at any hour of the day. Although, life is meant to be simple, yet we ruin it by running millions of thoughts. Thoughts are not the only reason for our misery, we become somber by looking at other people’s lives & forget what makes us happy. Our happiness depends on other people’s happiness. We often feel we are losing on life if we don’t post happy pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platforms. So, we do things to impress people we don’t know. While doing so, we lose ourselves & that leads to a sad & unsatisfied life. There are many layers to life & explaining it in simple terms is certainly not easy. With some recent events in my life, I realized that we live here as if we are here forever. We want to impress others so that other form good opinions of ourselves. Rather than finding what makes us happy, we rely on the outer world to provide this. With our greed for wealth, fame, luxury, etc. We are continuously running behind something & somewhere. We are so much fascinated with the future that we forget about the present. But, like everything, motivation, thoughts, healths, etc, are all perishable. So, we need to remind ourselves again & again our purpose in life & remember we are not here forever.

    Our life is only for us, to make it, create it, live it & do whatever you feel is worthy of your time. Here is one of the contradictions of life. What if we like to copy others & love to bully them. Then the question arises, are you happy while doing that? Most of us determine our happiness based on the standards set by society & follow rules set by them. We do what is best according to society & not by our own wit. The biggest problem of following other’s advice is not the path but lack of love for the work. We are doing it, not because it may or may not make us happy, but because it brings us stability. As per me, if you are not happy, you are already half dead. Happiness is grossly underrated & people often mistake happiness with the amount of wealth; which is a basic mistake everyone is making. There is no correlation between how much a person is making with how happy a person is. Happiness is intrinsic & hardly anyone is aware of this fact. We relate happiness with wealth & thus follow wealth to reach happiness.

    If one looks closely enough, we live in the world for around 70 years. Out of which, in starting 16 years, we are knowing about the world & figuring out our interests. From 50 to 70, our health deteriorates & we may or may not be in great physical shape. That leaves us around 3 decades to live & how we live those 30 years determines how fulfilling lives we have lived. Even during these 30 years, we are busy sleeping, enjoying, traveling, eating, drinking, partying, etc. That left us with a handful of years & even during our short stay we are constantly frowning & drowning in our sorrows. But, for a moment, if we kill our fears & pursue things we want in our life, we can do wonders. If the ultimate truth is death, then why to pursue something that we love?

    Let’s start with life. What is life to you? One of the most common answers is it is “Unpredictable.” Nobody can confidently say that they have planned everything in life even, the time of death bed. There are many flavors to life & unpredictability fits in it perfectly fine. How often it has happened, that we think something & it happens completely opposite. We are not sure if by taking specific steps we will reach our destination & the same has been mentioned in the holy books as well. One shall focus on process & not on results. Thus, there is no guarantee that you can reach your goals while following a specific path. As there are many paths to goals. No two days are same as time is constantly changing. There are so many granular portions that make up a life. So even if there is some change in any of these parts, the whole system changes. Hence, it makes life unpredictable.

    Like the only sane person in the world. We want to control our life, we carefully choose our path & assuming every missing piece will fall in the place (wishful thinking). We are so engrossed in the positivity that we ignore all the challenges & aspects which are not in our control. We can only control a handful of things in our life & still we feel, we are king of this life & can pull off anything. One can call it arrogance or wishful thinking or any fancy name one can think of. Yet, we can’t even predict if we will be in a healthy condition after the end of the day. It is so unpredictable & uncontrollable.

    This is not a sad or depressing post. However, if you ever observe your surroundings with an open mind. One can come across many incidents where people left us without any problem & the reasons maybe even weirder in some of the cases. Sometimes without any fault of one, he or she finds him or herself in dreaded condition. Even the present situation of covid is another example of how unpredictable it is in nature. A small virus shuts down the world for good six months & even after six months we are reluctant to resume our normal life. So, if we can’t control even the most important factors that can ruin our life. How can we be sane enough to think life is ours & we are here forever?

    How do we deal with life?

    After reaching adolescence, our mind, body & thinking changes drastically. We are about to reach our prime & it seems nothing is impossible. Our dreams fuels our life & like an animal preying on its food. We follow our goals & some of us eventually reach there. Yet, only a handful of people are such dedicated & determined. Most of us are still processing what we want in life & this vicious cycle of finding what we want carries on till we lose our zeal for the goal. We start our rat race to earn money without any effort to rise mentally & emotionally. We start to value money, property, assets in such high regard than the nature of human beings that we start seeing life through these parameters only. We forget that all the materialistic things are perishable, but the impression of one person lasts. Because of which we still remember the heroes from hundreds of years back.

    We are ready to cheat, hurt or use any other method to get what we want & if this happens successfully, we are creating an example for other people to follow & each one of such people uses dirty tricks worse than the others to reach higher. We do all the bad things for what? For the life that we want to control & dictate every aspect of it. Yet, none of us can reach this stage. Even for the most powerful ones, life is unpredictable & uncertain.

    What is my take on life?

    What is life
    We are here only for the only number of years & how we impact the world to the best of our efforts shall be our motive. There is no wrong in having a goal & reaching it by working hard. Yet, that doesn’t give us the right to harm anybody, no matter how powerful we are, we should respect others & act humanly. For people who are not able to find the work, we love to do.For some, it is photography, for some traveling, for some coding & the list goes on. Don’t get disappointed keep looking for it as a child. Try different things & see if something clicks. Sometimes, things will not be simple & straightforward. Yet, we should try, as if we don’t have dreams, then what is left in life. When things are so uncertain & unpredictable & there is no certainty if we can see the next day. We should live our life like it is our last day & start doing what we love to do.

    Our ancestors didn’t have such opportunities due to lack of finances, food & infrastructure made it hard for them to pursue their dreams. However, we are in one of the most comfortable times in the world. Technology is changing every day, rather than every minute. After completing our daily roles & responsibilities, we can pursue our dreams. Even if one doesn’t have a dream they can enjoy family time or enjoy any other things that one does. But, don’t forget to appreciate life. Don’t say no to things that are important to you, but can’t do because of commitment, don’t ignore the friend who wants to have a drink with you, don’t skip that phonecall when someone calls you to know about you. But, remember your priorities, you can’t pick every call that is not good for you, you can’t go out drinking every day with people. One has to set priorities & follow it. Balance every aspect so that you can live fully. The knowledge is unlimited, but the only thing missing is our interests.

    Fishing In Tacoma

    fishing-at-sunset-tacoma Mark My Adventure
    Fishing in Tacoma can be one of the best and most enjoyable experiences that you will have. It offers you a lot of fish to catch, and you can do so while on vacation. Fishing in Tacoma is easy to do if you take the time to learn about the areas that are best for fishing. When you know where you can get the best fishing, you can be more successful and enjoy your trip much more. If you live in Tacoma, you will want to make sure that you have some idea about where to fish. The biggest areas for fishing include the Nisqually and the Skagit Rivers. If you live in an area with a large amount of salmon, you will find that the Nisqually River is also very popular. If you do not live in the area, you will probably want to consider fishing the Nisqually. You will want to check out the Skagit River. It is located just south of Seattle and you will find it easier to catch salmon in this river.

    If you have never fished before, you should take a class in fishing to get the information that you need. This will ensure that you get the best and the safest chance at catching as many fish as possible. Even if you are a beginner, it will be better to take the time to learn about fishing. When you are looking for some of the best fishing in Tacoma, you will want to look at the different lakes that are in the area. You can find some great spots that you can catch many different types of fish. You will also want to look into the rivers that are near Tacoma so that you can use them as your favorite spots. You can also find some great fishing in Tacoma at the various marinas that are located in the Tacoma area. You will be able to choose from small or large boats that will allow you to fish. You will be able to fish for some of the larger and more important types of fish, including salmon and trout.

    Once you decide where you will be able to fish, you will need to figure out what kind of gear you need. to use. Some of the bigger and more expensive fishing gear will need to be brought on the boat, but you will be able to use lighter gear if you would rather bring on your own boat. The best thing that you can do when you are going fishing in Tacoma is to look at all of the different fishing options that are available to you. If you know that you will be bringing your own boat, then you will be able to use some of the bigger fishing boats that are available. If you are not going to be bringing your own boat, then you will need to pay attention to the smaller fishing boats that are out there. You will want to take a look at any boating websites that are available in the internet. They will help you see all of the different fishing companies and boats that you can fish with. If you have never been to fishing in Tacoma before, then you will want to take a trip up to the area to see what fishing is like in this area. You will be able to take advantage of all of the fishing opportunities in the area, even if you are new to this type of fishing. Fishing in Tacoma is something that can provide you with years of enjoyment, even if you are just beginning to fish. For some of the bigger fish, such as salmon and trout, you will want to bring along a few baits, line, hooks, lures, and tackle boxes. All of these are items that you can find at a local sporting goods store in Tacoma. You should also make sure that you bring along some small hooks and spinners to use on your fishing trips. When you are fishing in Tacoma, you will be able to enjoy the waters and the scenery of this beautiful area.


    Best Quotes From “How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky- Naval Ravikant”

    Naval Ravikant is a much-celebrated angel investor, philosopher, advisor, in short, a tech superstar. His bits of advice are hardly taken lightly & rightly so. Having worked for decades, he has gained enough knowledge to share it with the world. He is the guiding light in this haphazard world & anyone who has listened to him can vouch for the same. Sometime back he started a tweetstorm with the title How To Get Rich. A tweetstorm, that took the world like a tsunami. His wisdom, knowledge, thought process is breathtaking to experience. His work is an inspiration for any mind. Every one of his tweets is a gem & finding a few very important ones is a difficult task to do. Yet, there are always a few that rise above the rest & this post will cover a few of those magnificent tweets. These are just a glimpse of the genius & I would recommend watching his video on youtube with the same name & you will be amazed by it. Great way to learn something new & important. So, here are few best quotes by Naval Ravikant while explaining the world, about how to get rich without getting lucky.

    About Money:

    Quotes on Money By Naval Ravikant
    Businesses, assets, that you earn while you sleep. Wealth buys you freedom.

    Money is how we transfer wealth.

    Wealth is a positive-sum game. Status is a zero-sum game. Politics, sports are an example of a status game.

    To win in a status game, you will have to pull somebody down & it makes you an angry person.

    Everyone can be rich, wealthy, & successful. It is merely a question of education & desire.

    You can’t be normal & expect abnormal results.

    You are not gonna be rich by renting out your time. To become rich, you should own equity, business, or some form of asset.

    You are replaceable, as you are doing the work within set instructions. Sooner or later, you will be replaced by AI, Robots, or some new technology.

    Heroine & the monthly salary are two highly addictive things.

    You can become rich by creating something for the society that is required by society, but it doesn’t know how to get it yet, at scale.

    Escape competition with authenticity.

    People should play long term play with long term people.

    To create things you, have to be rational optimistic.

    The giants of any industry are those who can build & sell.

    Read what you love until you love to read.

    The ultimate foundations are logic & maths.

    Motivation has to come intrinsically

    Don’t partner with cynics, and pessimists. Their beliefs are self-fulfilling.

    We’re descended from pessimists. We’re genetically hardwired to be pessimists.

    Arm Yourself With Specific Knowledge

    Specific knowledge is found by pursuing your curiosity.

    There is no actual skill called “Business”.

    About Doing:

    Doing is faster than watching.

    If you are willing to bleed a little every day, you may win big later.

    Embrace accountability and take business risks under your own name. Society will reward you with responsibility, equity, and leverage.

    People who can fail in public have a lot of power.

    If you have high accountability, you’re less replaceable.

    Product and Media Are New Leverage.

    An ideal business model has network effects, low marginal costs, and scale economies.

    In an age of nearly infinite leverage, judgment is the most important skill.

    Judgment is knowing the long term consequences of your actions.

    The people with the best judgment are among the least emotional.

    Even though what you work on and who you work with are more important. Work as hard as you can.

    Impatience with actions, patience with results.

    On a long enough timescale, you will get paid.

    When you’re finally wealthy, you’ll realize it wasn’t what you were seeking in the first place.

    The money will solve all your money problems. But it doesn’t get you everywhere.

    A calm mind, a fit body, and a house full of love must be earned.

    Get rich quick schemes are just someone else getting rich off you.

    Figure out what you’re uniquely good at, and apply as much leverage as possible.

    Envy can give you a powerful boost, or it can eat you alive

    Negotiations are won by whoever cares less.

    Above are some of the best quotes from Naval Ravikant but not limited to this. He became one of the most renowned voices in the tech field for a reason & that reason can be felt with this masterpiece while explaining the world, about how to get rich without getting lucky. His unique point of view on diverse aspects of life is a lesson to learn & to acknowledge it.

    Traveling During The Time Of Covid 19

    Corona is far from over & each day, it is setting records every passing day. The cases are rising & after months of lockdown, people have realized one thing & that is they have to live with the virus till the vaccine arrives. As the vaccine is far from the reach, people have moved on with their life & started traveling using public transport. Trains, planes are resuming their services & even people are no more afraid to travel. With proper safety measures & protocols in place, traveling is not an issue anymore. I recently traveled via flight & through this post, I would like to explain my experience of traveling.

    Every airport is taking extra efforts to maintain hygiene & social distancing. However, with the population like India, maintaining the distance between two people is a difficult task. Authorities try hard to inform people about the rules & guidelines, yet people find it amusing to break them. So often, people are reluctant to follow the rules, those rules that are for their safety. Especially when the rules are laid for their safety. At the gates, one person will sanitize the bags using a spray. A good thing about the pandemic is becoming paperless. Using paperless mode for verification should have been adopted much earlier. So, after verifying temperature, writing down personal details, verifying flight details, you are permitted entry. A mobile boarding pass will work perfectly fine nowadays. So, if you don’t have any luggage bag, you can directly go to the security check-in & wait for the flight.

    While entering the airport, there are fewer people nowdays to avoid crowding of the place & a great way to avoid any spreading of the infection. So, only a few airport staff, airline staff & people traveling will be present on the site. There is no rush as such at the airport. So, you can relax after completing all the hectic process. Just before boarding, there will be a box full of face shields, masks, sanitizers to help you stay safe. It is recommended to use all the assets available to be safe. Everything is the same as it was before COVID except masks & face shield. If you expect people to maintain distance, you will be truly disappointed, people here don’t follow any such rules & it seems they are fearless & ready to challenge the virus. So, as the prime minister of India has conveyed that your safety is in your own hand that holds true in this situation. Airlines have done all that they could do & traveling should not be of any problem. Your safety is their priority & they are doing a terrific job in that.

    I traveled after a long haul of 6 months & from the outset, I know things will be a bit different from the pre-COVID times. But, with no vaccine in the sight, it is sensible to carry on with life & resume regular living. As this disease is transmissible, the best you can do is to take all the precautions & carry on with life. Now is the time to behave sensibly & bravely. One can’t hide behind the door for the time vaccine comes out. So, better to take life in your control & start moving ahead in life. As even if everything is slowing down, there is one of the most important things that is not stopping, TIME.

    Snowboarding Lessons

    Snowboarding is a sport that has been around for about two decades and is becoming more popular every passing year. People are getting more & more into this sports snowboarding is one such extreme sport which is only becoming more extreme every year. There are snowboarding events throughout North America every year where people who love snowboarding get together for meetup, skate, glide, and ride. If you have ever wanted to try out snowboarding but are scared of it or don’t have much experience then it is time to take a look at some lessons. Taking snowboarding lessons can be a stepping stone to start your journey.

    Snowboarding Lessons

    Snowboarding lessons are a great way to take your skills to the next level. There are different types of snowboarding lessons that will help you learn different tricks and tips on how to snowboard. It is important that you choose the right snowboarding lessons so that you get the most out of your time and learn as much as possible.

    The first thing that you want to look for in the right snowboarding lessons is safety. Most people don’t have any idea how dangerous snowboarding can be and there are so many people who have lost their lives while snowboarding. It is always best to go with someone who has been snowboarding for years with a lot of experience, as well as choosing best quality snowboarding gear.

    Snowboard Lessons

    You also need to learn the proper technique for snowboarding. Some people love the thrill of riding the rails and freestyle tricks while others love to just learn how to slide down the side of a hill. There are snowboarding lessons that will teach you how to do all of these things. Make sure that the instructor can explain the technique in such a way that you will understand it without having to read a book. Another important aspect of learning how to snowboard is how to protect yourself from the elements. This is where the safety gear comes in. There are special snowboarding boots, helmets, and other items that you need to wear that will help keep you safe when you are on the boards. Make sure that your instructor explains what you need to wear before you take off.

    Snowboard lessons Mark My Adventure

    If you want to start snowboarding, then you may not have time to take lessons because it is so popular at this time. However, you can still take lessons online. There are some great websites that teach you everything you need to know about snowboarding and how to become the best snowboarder that you can be.

    A great idea is to try out some of these websites before you make the commitment to getting some lessons. You will find that learning how to snowboard doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to take a long time to get the hang of it.

    Mountain Top Mark My Adventure


    There are several different styles of snowboarding that you can learn. Freestyle snowboarding is one of the most popular styles and there are several different steps that you can take to get better at it. You will want to start by finding a website that offers beginner snowboarding lessons because it is easier than you think.

    If you want to know how to snowboard better, then you will want to get more advanced snowboarding lessons because it takes more skill and knowledge. It is very important for you to understand the importance of wearing safety gear and taking care of your body when you are on the boards.

    If you have never snowboarded before, you will want to start out with basic lessons so that you can learn the basics. before you move onto the more advanced lessons that you can expect to have in your future. This will allow you to build a foundation for your snowboarding skills so that you can easily move forward.

    Why Choose Youth Hostel As Your Next Stay

    Traveling solo requires courage, energy & lots of planning. During an extended trip, it is quite evident that people may feel lonely sometimes. In a foreign land, where everything like food, environment, language, culture, social activities, etc are unique to your experience, it is easy to get dejected at some point in time. There should be someplace that can help you overcome all the surprises, the uniqueness of visiting a new place has superseded these shortcomings to an extent. Yet, there is something else that one can do. Staying in youth hostels is one thing that can help you overcome all these factors. In this post, I will list down many benefits of staying in hostels that will encourage you to try this at least one time. A place to cherish uncertainty, excitement & some wild stays. Staying in a hostel will become one of the memories of your trip. I will cover topics like the advantage of staying in youth hostels, why youth hostels should be in your list & my experiences of staying in different hostels in different countries. Traveling is one such activity that enhances the mood substantially & makes a person happy & staying in youth hostels will certainly add on to this amazement.

    Benefits Of Staying In Youth Hostels: 

    *) Affordable:

    There is no comparison of prices offered by youth hostels, usually, the bunk beds are chosen by backpackers hence keeping it affordable is the sanest thing to do. The price of a bunk bed can be as low as Rs 200 per night in some of the hostels. The number of beds varies from 4 to 16, because of which the rates are very affordable. Staying in a youth hostel will be very cost-friendly. Also, there are many options to choose from so availability will never be an issue.

    *) Culturally Enriching:

    Hindu Culture
    Many backpackers from all over the world stay in hostels. So, far I have enjoyed the company of a wide range of people ranging from South American, Britons, Japanese, South Koreans, etc. This is one of the best points of staying in hostels one can talk to people from different cultures & backgrounds. It is very refreshing & amazing to learn about different cultures & places.

    *) Local Insights: 

    Youth hostels hire people from the local places, this means they are very well versed with the local culture, environment & can suggest you some of the hidden gems about the city. This is not only about the local touristic site but also the safety measure. While my stay in Vietnam, the hostel receptionist helped me with a few safety measures that helped me a lot during my stay. Staying in a hostel can allow you to find all these unattended questions.

    *) Next Adventure: 

    Every hostel has a billboard, a place where people put their requirements. While on the roads, the only certain thing is uncertainty. If due to some reason or miscalculation, one is uncertain about the next place. This billboard can come to your rescue. Many backpackers hire cars or bikes or are looking for some partners. If you are lucky, you can find someone with similar interests & decide accordingly. Trying new stuff has never hurt anyone in this life.

    Next Adventure (Why Choose Youth Hostels As Your Next Stay)

    *) Never Be Alone:

    The place is always throbbing with people from different backgrounds & cultures. Staying in a room, you will often meet them during breakfast or dinner. Yet, this will not be any problem. The people are generally very friendly as they are travelers & explores & have seen cities. There is a high chance that you will find someone like-minded & can share a long-lasting friendship with.

    *) Wild Parties: 

    As the name suggests youth hostel is for youths & youth from the European countries are truly wild. They believe in enjoying their time with full energy. They drink like anything & they party like anything. Hostel parties are fun & exciting, they play games, listen to music, drink, dance & enjoy the time. For enjoying parties, one needs to visit the place when the tourist season is on. As during that time the place is truly lit. It is always recommended to enjoy such places while you can.

    *) Best Trip Organisers: 

    Every youth hostels have short tour providers that will take care of your needs. They will pick & drop service from the hostel will save you hassle big time. The tour services are not only easy to book but are pretty affordable as well. One can find all the famous & some new tours that will help you in exploring the place. Also, they can help you arrange rented motorbike, cars, cabs, etc. With the help of hostels, I was able to tour Cu Chi Tunnels, Sand dunes, Chapman’s peak & whatnot.

    Why You Should Choose Youth Hostels?

    Many people are not fond of the uneasiness of sharing a room with complete strangers. Some people crave for privacy, personal hygiene, etc & it will not be completely wrong if one will find it difficult to find all these things in a hostel room. So, people who are not comfortable with staying with strangers shall avoid booking a hostel bed. Further, in dorm rooms, sharing washrooms is one of the other aspects that will be a downtick for many travelers. Washroom hygiene is one uncontrollable aspect, as it is entirely dependent on the people visiting the place. Although, hostel personals take care of hygiene to the best of their abilities. Yet, it is not easy to maintain the same all the time. Many travelers don’t like to compromise on their hygiene & staying in a hostel for them may be a tough task for sure.

    The youth hostel will tick most of the remaining points. It is one of the most pleasurable experiences that you can ever feel. There is a rawness, uniqueness & new avenues that is unprecedented in the usual hotel stay. The energy of the group & constant collaboration with the new travelers will keep your energy high. While traveling solo there will be a time when one will feel lonely. During those times, staying in youth hostels can change the mood in seconds, one can have a conversation with other solo travelers or can join group tours to cure their loneliness.

    Because of the many great points, choosing youth hostels over a regular hotel is one of the best decisions one will ever make. It is hard to ignore such an energetic, unique environment. So, any solo traveler who is yet to experience such an environment shall surely try it once & experience it yourself.

    My Experience of Staying In Youth Hostels:

    So far, I have been to places in Aisa, Africa & the European Union. All the youth hostels some of the stays were truly eventful. One time I stayed in a hostel based on the theme of How I Met Your Mother. Another one was just across the ocean, one youth hostel is located in one of the most active streets of the city. In Barcelona, I stayed in a hostel in La Ramblas Street which is considered as a haven for the backpackers. I usually choose a hostel based on its location & price. The hostels in the best location will charge a hefty amount. Still, the price won’t be that high that it will pinch your pockets. I enjoy staying in youth hostels, it is a very energetic place to stay in. Of all the time I stayed in hostels, there are only good memories. Along with the dorm rooms, youth hostels also have a private room.

    From Where To Book Best Youth Hostels:


    Booking.com is one of the oldest sites to book accommodation. The listings on the booking.com are good & with basic filters in the place. This site is perfect for booking your next stay. The site is easy to use & if booking any accommodation in Europe. This should be your go-to site for sure.


    The Hostelworld has probably the largest collection of hostels in a wide range of countries. It doesn’t charge any booking fee. Thus, you might well save some bucks over there. It is popular in Europe & the US. There is also an option of comparing hostels which is an added advantage considering your requirements. So, this can also be a great place to book some hostels.


    Hotels.com is one of the latest sites that have cropped up in this busy industry. Hotels.com has a wide range of hotels to choose from. This site is famous for hostels & if you can even check hotels.com recommendation to book the best of the best. Further, throughout the year, one can find discounts & special offers. Thus, it is best to check this option.

    To know more about the best places to book hotels, you can refer to this link. A memorable trip is incomplete without a proper stay & these sites will give you the best options to choose from.