Best Unique Experiences In Vietnam

Vietnam has a dreadful past & scars of its past are even visible today. But, that didn't stop Vietnam to open its tourism for the world. Most of the people cover Vietnam while covering South East Asia in a single go. The hospitality in South East Asian countries is known to all. Thus, people like to spend quality time roaming around these countries which often provide a great time, awesome food at a very reasonable price.
Vietnam has a long coastal exposure & beaches are one of the prime high points of the place. But, there are many more hidden jewels in Vietnam which are worth a try. This was my first time in Vietnam & I was blown away by some of the rare experiences here. I spent 2 weeks here & was able to complete only half of Vietnam. There are so many things to do here that you need at least a month to explore it completely. So, without any further delay below are some of the unique experiences in Vietnam.
Cu Chi Tunnels Unique Experiences In Vietnam
Red Sand Dunes Mui Ne Mark My Adventure
Cliff Jumping Nha Trang Mark My Adventure

Unique Experiences In Vietnam:

Cu Chi Tunnels:

Cu Chi Tunnels is probably an engineering marvel during its time. A small city built below the earth surface which has provision for bedroom, bathroom, ventilation, kitchen. Yeah!! you read it right; it has all the facilities under the surface of the earth. The whole city is spread across 250 Km & was used for gorilla attacks during the war. As of now, only one tunnel is open for the tourists, which is purposely made a bigger to allow tourists to witness their life. Also, there is a shooting range where one can shoot real bullets, few guns to name are AK 47, Machine Gun, etc :P. So, this is a must trip to experience. Cu Chi Tunnels can be done from Ho Chi Minh City. It is a half day tour from Ho Chi Minh city.

Sand Dunes In Mui Ne:

Sand Dunes are often restricted to middle east & imagining sand dunes in the coastal places are just an imagination. But, Mui Ne a small town in Vietnam is changing this concept. There are two sand dunes, one white sand dunes & one red sand dunes. Red Sand Dunes is a perfect place to click your pre-wedding photo shoot & your next display picture. A great place & a rare gem in Mui Ne.

Cliff Jumping In Nha Trang:

Cliff jumping is a scary affair for sure. Jumping into the unknown will send chills in your bone. I used to thought it would be fun to jump into the water. But, the moment I looked down & start my half an hour long process of jumping. I tried to jump many times eventually succeeding after trying for the 4th or 5th time. I jumped for the first time little scared, 2nd time in a much more confident way & 3rd time to win over my fear. All three experiences were special. Cliff jumping can be done at Ba Ho Waterfall which is approx 30 min drive from Nha Trang.

Marble Mountains & Dragon Bridge of Da Nang:

Buddhist monk used to meditate at these mountains. A group of 5 peaks which are name based on the 5 elements of life. There are many caves inside the mountain which are very beautiful to visit. From the peak, one can see the unending landscape, but you will need to climb lots of stairs before reaching this peak & enjoying the unadulterated view. It is amazing to see how nature works in this case. Dragon bridge is a rare thing one will experience in Da Nang. For your information, it breathes fires during Sundays. It is kiddish, but it will put a broad smile on your face.
Hoi An World Heritage Site
Dragon Bridge Da Nang Unique Experience In Vietnam

UNESCO World Heritage Site Hoi An:

Hoi An is by far the most beautiful town in Vietnam. The old town is constructed along the banks of the river, where the buildings are painted in the golden color & colorful lanterns are adding beauty to the place. This is one of the best towns to enjoy peace & cherish the beauty of vintage Vietnam. Roam in the streets & get lost in the beauty of the place.

These are only half the experiences as I was only able to travel to half of the country. Apart from the mentioned places, there are many caves, natural wonders & what not in the remaining half of Vietnam. So, next time you are confused with the destination; think of Vietnam. I am sure it will surely not disappoint you in any aspect.

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