Best Books I Read In 2018

I read 28 books in the year 2018 & shortlisting the best books was tough. However, after much of the sweat (not really). I am finally able to shortlist few books, which I felt was my best read. I will try to explain, why I feel these books are worth reading & rereading again & again. Pure Gems to read for sure; at least to me it is 😉 So, here are my best books of 2018.

A Man Search For Meaning

What you should do, if you are lost in life or in a position totally unexpected? This book is a solution to fight or overcome all such new conditions. The book is written by a Nazi concentration camp survivor. He wrote points which helped him to stay afloat in such harsh conditions. The points which are effective & simple to learn. Do read this book to enjoy life as it is.

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The Richest Man In Babylon

Finances book should be read by everyone for a very simple reason to manage your finances in a streamlined way. There are people who went bankrupt even after having millions in their pocket. The book is a collection of notes circulated to help people manage their finances. The book explains the simple principles of saving & investing. A great book to read.

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How To Stop Worrying & Start Living

Since the origin of capitalism concepts of worrying & stress is growing each passing day. People are constantly worried about the future & the money. So, what is a better way to fight these demons? There is no better guide available than this book. A book which teaches you to reduce your stress & enjoy life. A great book with real-life examples & feasible solutions.

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The Innovators Dilemma

Have you ever thought, why only new companies are able to disrupt the market? If not, this book is your guide to the same. The author has covered few industries & tries to explain why new companies were able to make a dent in the already existing industry. A great book to read by any budding entrepreneurs to get that much-required belief to disrupting the industry.

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Small Giants

Is it required to be a unicorn? There are few firms which are not massive but are effective. There are numerous examples in the book where the companies have grown effective rather than massive & are actually doing good. A radical book which is a great read.

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The Power Of Subconscious Mind

The power of mind is not unknown to anyone. But, hardly anyone explains the technique to tap this massive energy. However, this book is the solution to this. There are ways through which one can actually get the things one desires. If struggling with money & balance. Read this book; in fact, re-read this book & harness the power of your mind.

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Animal Farm

A satirical take on the world's economy. How people actually behave after getting into the power. The book setup is on a farm where the pigs take over the farm from a human being & set up rules & regulation on their field. But, how it all turned out is a lesson to be learned. A great book to read with many lessons.

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The world is crashing or the world is about to doom are the basic headlines these days. With most of the publications only showing stories of death & mishappenings. However, is this true? According to this book, we are growing towards a more peaceful world. The author through 10 points explains the points & prove the fact that the world is becoming a great place.

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Homo Deus

With the current rate of progress. What is the future of humans? According to the author, cyborgs are immediate future. Where a person will be half human & half robot. I remember watching Robocop(a cartoon series) & thought this is just an imagination. But, with all the progress; this far-fetched imagination seems to be a reality. A book about the future. A great book to read to pysch you out.

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These are my best read of the year 2018. If you look into the topics. Each book is a bit different from each other & provides a fresh outlook on the topic. This is the magical world of books. I encourage you to read books & make this world a beautiful place to live.

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